Thursday, February 02, 2012

I'm Amazed: 3D Printer

I am SO behind with technology.

Yesterday I saw what the new 3D printers do.
(I thought it was for making a 3D picture like you see in the movies. I. Was. Wrong. Oh so wrong...)

We are way past that kind of small potatoes.

We ARE living in the future!

This video shows how a wrench, a REAL workable tool, can be "printed".
Imagine no more "borrowing" tools, instead one would just download the specs or make a copy from a tool you already own.

Another video showed how a home 3D printer would be used: They used it to "print" a new stove handle. Imagine just making a brand new stove burner handle when needed..or printing up another button when needed that would match the rest of the buttons on the shirt. Or creating a new part for a kid's toy?

The cost of such a home printer?

About the same price as a really good sewing machine.

Right now at least. They will probably get cheaper over time.

Oh, and you can print clothing too. Cups and plates and vases for a dinner party.
And musical instruments like flutes.
A working motorcycle has been printed.


Won't be long before we will be printing out a new dishwasher or crib or....well, anything that is three dimensions. Like you could print a perfect sculpture of your toddler maybe? How cute would that be?

Oh, and of course you know about how they are printing out skin now?
And also making a spray on skin that makes it possible for a charred human to have fresh healthy new skin in about three days time?

If you are interested, you can see different kinds of 3D printers making stuff like flutes by clicking HERE. OR just go to Youtube and search 3D printing to see more.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

That is incredible! I am blown away....

Vee said...

Absolutely mind blowing. I was thinking that there would be many medical applications for this. What an amazing thing. And, yes, I'm hauling John over here.

Vee said...

John wants to know why we should mess with the tool...just cut to the chase and make a new machine. LOL! He thinks that this is scary.

Pondside said...

I'd like to print out a pair of shoes like the ones I bought in Milan years ago - the most beautiful colour, the softest leather, the best fit....I always say that if I'd known who comfy they'd be I'd have bought more than one pair. I can definitely see the uses for this new technology!

Judy said...

Now that is way beyond me! But I like Pondside's idea. Oh, the possibilities.

Lovella ♥ said...

That is so amazing and maybe a bit scary too. I will have to have T look at this. I wonder what he would want to put in the machine?

I can't even think what I would print out first.

RoeH said...

I agree with Vee. Mind blowing. What is going on in the world. Something new every day. Wow!

Vicki said...

Whoa. This could be scary.