Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here we go...again.

So last night the US Army's Dugway Proving Grounds went into lock down.  No one was allowed in or out of the base for 12 hours; one woman went into labor and was airlifted out.  They were that serious about the situation.

Dugway is roughly 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, and has been used as a set for a lot of movies, including the blockbuster movie Independence Day.  One of our staff members just told me that he used to work as a barber on base. His folks drove down there with their aged dirty RV with black smoke billowing away behind them as they went.  They stopped for a bite to eat just outside the base and when they came back to the RV, there was a note saying that they would like to use their RV in a movie...and that was how it came to be that his parent's RV was one of the ones in the Independence Day movie.


Being a rather dull time of year, the news that one of our proving grounds got locked down is giving us locals something to get a little excited about.  The army is being tight lipped about what happened; former army guys are commenting that bases get shut down if any item is misplaced after field trials.  A missing rifle bolt, a reflective belt, a stray bit of ammo is enough to lock down a base.

Talk about doing a buzz kill with that kind of explanation.

Like I said, we need some excitement around here.  What we need is news of a zombie invasion at the base.
Just remember this if the Salt Lake City zombies can not be contained:

Shoot them in the brains.  It is the only way to kill a zombie.  Otherwise they will eat you ALIVE!  And then YOU will turn into a zombie TOO!


The Army has promised a news release at noon today.  Only about 90 more minutes to go before life returns to normal around here.

Maybe.  Or maybe they will be posting the information that is regularly covered in the Continuing Education classes around here about Zombie Invasion Preparedness. (See HERE for more information!)

I kid you not.  We take zombies very seriously around here.

Maybe you should too.  Because you just...never...know....

UPDATE:  The Army said it had misplaced a quarter teaspoon of a nerve agent which they have since found.
Sound like something that could spark off a Zombie invasion to me. 
Aw shucks.
Probably not.  
Darn it...well, I guess it is back to just getting through another plain old kinda boring day in January.


ellen b. said...

1/4 tsp. of nerve gas...
How do you misplace that and where do you misplace it and YIKES Scary to think what a 1/4 tsp of nerve gas can do. I'd much rather fight zombies...or would I?

Lovella ♥ said...

1/4 teaspoon? Oh boy . ..that must be potent stuff. I guess even SLC or at least close by has it's issues. I'm glad you didn't have to be evacuated but that would have made another post for tomorrow.