Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Saturday in Sunny San Diego: Thanksgiving pt. 3

Waterfront dining: gotta do it with scenes like this one on the San Diego bay.

The price to "slip" these boats is primo, but looking at them while eating lunch is free.

The San Diego skyline can be seen in the center of this shot; the six sided pointy high rise is the Emerald Shapery Buildings.  The top of the building is outlined in emerald green at night, reinforcing the fact that the building is shaped like an natural emerald crystal.
(I'd love to be able to ask the boat owners how they came up with their boat's names.)

For me, looking up and seeing the California flag with the iconic bear is a memory jogger that I really am back home. 
That flag was always flying at my elementary school, high school, all over the place. 
It is such a unique flag compared to most state's flags.

These trees were growing around the neighborhood I grew up in.

Peeling back the tissue thin sheets of bark was a common activity when rambling around with neighborhood kids back when I was a child.  Now I just stroke the bark and take pictures to record its beauty.

We've been going to this bayside fish restaurant for years. I always get the crab louie salad, Laura gets the fried calamari, and Bernie gets another kind of fish.  We usually take home some smoked fish or fresh fish too.  I really should have taken a picture inside, to show the great selection of fresh fish there.

We are not the only kind of creatures that enjoys this part of San Diego bay.

The harbor seal just bobbed in the water the whole time we ate.  Lazy seal...go get your own fish lunch!

Just look...there are plenty of fish swimming in this bay!

So if you ever find yourself in San Diego...and want to have a great bayside lunch...just look up this place, and perhaps have your lunch there on your way to see the rest of Pt. Loma.

From Pt. Loma we drove north to La Jolla to drop off a few apple fritters to Dad, fritters from his favorite donut shop.

Mom and Dad have a cat too.  Rufus is their "child" now, and keeps them on their toes as "the smartest cat they have ever known."

Rufus was doing his cat yoga...

Pretty flexible cat, huh?

He's a character, as most redheads are. 
We visited for a bit, then we pushed on up the coast to re-visit another memorable location from my childhood.

To be continued....


Vee said...

God love your dad. He's willing to have his photo taken, but he's not going to smile! :D Hope that he loved the apple fritters. Isn't it wonderful that a little cat brings your parents so much joy? (I know that I love my calico. Not sure about her intelligence, but she did manage to serve herself breakfast this morning by opening a fresh bag of dog food.)

Lovella ♥ said...

I smiled at Vee's comment.
OH. . the fish restaraunt looks fantastic and I was thinking that the next time you come here. .we'll eat at Coal Harbour and you will feel right at home. .as long as you come in summer.
Where does the red hair come from anyways?

Vicki said...

Gotta love those redheads! :)

I love dining by the makes the fish taste even fresher.

Thinking about boat names, I've often wondered how the owners come up with some of them. However, some are obvious. We saw a massive yacht while we were in the Bahamas a few years ago that was aptly named "Audacity."

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I've visited San Diego once and really loved the city! Your photos are wonderful. God bless your Dad. I have an elderly mother that I care for and it can be a challenge sometimes.

ellen b. said...

So sad our daughter's fiance won't be stationed in Pendleton or I could have put this fish spot on my list. He will be stationed in North Carolina at Camp Lejeune. Maybe you have some suggestions for what to see in North Carolina? :0)

Judy said...

Next time we are in the vicinity we will check out La Jolla...and the seafood place.

How did he like the apple fritters?