Wednesday, April 07, 2010

San Diego Vacation part I

It looked like this in SLC the day I flew out to San Diego.
A 90 minute flight and I was home to the land of palm trees and blue skies.
My folks picked me up at the airport and I oogled all the colorful hillsides bordering the freeways. I could hardly wait to tour my dad's garden to see what was blooming out there.

Ripening strawberries glistened in the sunshine.

The larkspur seeds were from my MIL, my dad now has them blooming everywhere and he sends me seeds for my garden too.

It will be awhile before they are blooming in SLC!

Ranunculus bobbed on long slender stems.
Fuchsias mimicing ballerinas on pointe.

Azaleas petals preened and showed off their silvery bead tipped stamin.

Dancers in a line, awaiting hummingbirds to join in the performance.

(Fuchsias even have pretty leaves and richly colored stems to add to their beauty.)

The neighbor's orange tree was heavy with blossoms that hung over the fence and scented the garden with every passing breeze.
The ground below was nearly covered with dropped orange petals.

Camillas down the side yard still had a few showy blossoms.

The camillas come in so many varieties and each one becomes my new favorite as I spy them.

Easter was a bit early this year; the amaryllis was not yet fully opened, yet still sculpturally quite interesting anyway.

Sunny nasteriums made me think of summer salads and one particular hillside cleft along the road to La Jolla Village.

Out in front of the house a few roses were unfurling.

Is this not a PERFECT rose?

And this one with a bead of water accent...another "A+" blossom in the rose garden.

The neighbors on the north side grow hibiscus.
The tropical look works well with their house.

The neighbors to the south have bougainvillea that looks so stunning against their off-white wall and with the red mail box flag the whole scene looks like a magazine cover.

The bougainvillea flower is actually quiet tiny!

So that was Thursday day.
It was Maundy Thursday so we attended evening service at the church where I grew up.
I had to laugh at the seagull sitting on the cross.
A beach town version of a descending dove of the Holy Spirit?
Part 2 tomorrow!


Anneliese said...

I loved how you compared the fuchsias to ballerinas ... never saw that before and your rose unfurling is amazing!!

ellen b. said...

Beautiful photos Jill! Your father's garden is amazing! Oh boy am I gonna miss those orange blossoms. So intoxicating! My kids are going to be in SLC this weekend. They'll be attending the MLS soccer game during their visit.
Your name came up at the MGCC lunch yesterday :0)

Lovella ♥ said...

I would love to inhale the lovely intoxicating scent of orange blossoms this time of year or anytime of year. So is this the most beautiful time of year for gardening in San Diego? It seems like the temperatures would be perfect.
We did enjoy chatting about all our bloggy friends yesterday and of course you are known to be one of mine :)

Judy said...

I saw that first photo...and knew why you needed a vacation!

Great floral pic's, Jill...I can almost catch their fragrance.

Aren't you curious about our lunchtime conversation now? I think Lovella recorded it!