Sunday, April 04, 2010


6.9 earthquake here in San Diego...we rode it out on the second floor of Laura's condo building.
Whoo whee....aftershocks galore.
The Easter Service of course mentioned the earthquake at Christ's death and the rolling away of the stone. Interesting.

And...I have been watching the world earthquake map for the last few weeks at

Only the west coast of North America hadn't yet had a major earthquake this year, while the rest of the circle of the Pacific has been tagged with lots of earthquakes. I was wondering when "our" turn would come.

All is well here so far. Pictures were re-arranged on the wall though. We haven't heard how Baja is doing. Mexico: will they need help???

Hopefully nothing else will happen, but if it does and I have access to the web, I'll post!


Lovella ♥ said...

Thanks Jill. . .
I am so thankful you are alright there and I thought too how nice it was that you could be with Laura. .it would be frightening to ride it out alone.
God is good.

myletterstoemily said...

how terrifying! glad you are ok.

today in church i was scoping out
all the easter hats and thought about
your blog. not a very impressive
millinery display, i must say.

only four hats!

Vicki said...

I heard about this and wondered about you and Laura! I'm glad you're well.

On the Easter bonnet count at my church: zero. Can you believe it? Then again, it was a very breezy and warm day. We would have been chasing hats today! ;)

Judy said...

I have to read Jill's blog to hear about earthquakes. I never heard any news yesterday...and I guess it's old news today, as there was no mention of the California earthquake this morning. I sure that was quite an experience!

So which hat did you choose for Easter Sunday 2010?

ellen b. said...

Glad you only had picture movage :0)
Our son called from Yuma Az. to let us know about the quake. That will be an Easter memory for sure...