Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Off to a Great Start...

The expected snowfall arrived this morning...there has been storm warnings about it up for days.

And like all good Southern California natives...I was out there, first thing, in my pajamas, taking pictures.
The neighbors probably think I am nuts....

The nice man who shovels my walkway was out there too. Good exercises for him before he headed off for work.

He is a little fresh though. While he finished the shoveling I headed inside for my morning shower before work. When he was finished shoveling he came inside and "shared" the cold with me before I could grab a towel.


Then the fun really began. I had a dentist appointment at 8 am. Because I can just never remember exactly how to get there, I had to dig around to try to find my appointment card with the address on it. Couldn't find it...tried to find the place on the Internet, and failed.

(Librarian Jill does NOT do good research work before 9 am!)

Finally found the card.

Headed off into the snowfall and early morning traffic.

Got lost.

Pulled over and called the dental office to ask for directions.

They were pretty surprised to hear from me...as my appointment is actually at 7 am....tomorrow.


So I headed home, deciding I was actually happy to have the morning free. Pulled into our neighborhood where a neighbor in a Chrysler was inching along with front wheels spinning every inch of the way. Why would anyone live on Mt. Snow-Storming Olympus without All Wheel Drive?

I quickly repented of that unkind thought.

(Bernie makes do with our old Bonneville...a two wheel drive car...)

After swinging into our garage and into the house, I was glad B. had left the back door unlocked.

He had given Jeff my house key while we were gone this weekend so he could feed the cats. Wondering if perhaps Jeff had left the key in the mail box, I trudge out the front door to check.

Nope...no key.

Back to the front door...which had locked when I closed it.

Oh brother.

The only way to get to the back door without going through the garage door , (which was also closed and locked), would be to slog through 18 inches of snow down the side of our house, then pry the gate open through the snow buildup, slog through the back yard and up the steps to the deck, and hopefully the back door hadn't likewise locked.

Saints be praised...it was still unlocked.

I just thought I'd share my adventures this morning. And it is only 9 am!

Sure hope the rest of the day goes better....


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh my goodness. . .smiling through the whole post even the parts that were so frustrating for you. You can make anything sound like fun.
I just pulled out some gingergbread of the oven .. want to come?

Vicki said...

I'm sorry, but I'm laughing at your early morning adventures! I love seeing the snow...but I'm SO GLAD that I don't have to deal with it anymore!

For the record, I was the family snow-shoveler when we lived in KY. I actually enjoyed it. I don't think I could even lift a snow shovel now. ;)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Gosh, you do get into some comic misadventures...and all before 9 am. I hope the rest of the day went more smoothly!