Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mom and Dad's Visit Wrap-up was a grand visit...and it included celebrating Dad's 86th birthday.

Still doing great!
Rachel and Jeff had all of us over for a lamb dinner, one of Dad's favorite dishes.
Rachel is such a good cook.
Rachel bustled about the kitchen cooking in perfect control and confidence for about an hour.
It was so funny-- the kitchen could be viewed from the living room where Dad was seated.
After about a half hour my dad commented how amazed he was at all that went into making the meal.
All us ladies were amazed that he was amazed...then we realized that Dad had never been in a situation where he had a front row seat to watch what goes on in a kitchen.
Oh ain't just magic that makes a meal happen!

Since Rachel and Jeff had everything under control in the kitchen, I enjoyed cuddling my oldest grandkitten Meowsie.

Poor old guy...having a new baby in the house after being an only cat for ten years has been quite an upset.

Mom cuddled the baby kitten Cheeto....

Dad opened gifts....

And Cheeto got to help with unwrapping as needed.

The bows were made from recycled ribbons.

We feel pretty strongly about trying to find multiple ways to use any item.

For example...Cheeto also serves fashionably as a fur collar on occasion.

Well, all too soon the visit drew to a close. We squeezed in quite a few adventures...a trip to the aviary, lunch at the hippy restaurant, a peek at the Cathedral, massages and facials, a tour of Bernie's company.

(Apparently other people were into squeezing things in as well.)

Thanks for coming Mom and Dad!

Come again any time!


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh good times. Happy Birthday to your Dad. . .he does look great.
I thought it was wonderful that Jeff and Rachel had you all over . very special.
I enjoyed the other particpants in the goodbye picture. . .what a sqeeze.
Oh . .and that fur collar, I love that picture.

Judy said...

How special to have your dad visiting on his 86th birthday. Happy birthday to him!

So who exactly was that...sqeezing into your photos? I'm smiling.