Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Peeks at the Christmas Ranch House

Wouldn't it be nice to curl up under the Christmas quilt on the sofa out on the deck....

...and sip a cup of hot chocolate with whipping cream AND a strawberry flavored marshmallow Santa...

And consider all the reason there are for rejoicing in this Advent season

We could linger over breakfast in the kitchen, and watch the chickadees and towhees flitting through the tree outside.
(Now why those silly birds were so shy when Dad was here I just can not understand!)
Then off to work...reluctantly, but thankful to have a job, praying for all those who are jobless now...

When the work day ends, the Christmas lights in the neighborhood are ablaze with cheer.

It is a blessing to live in a cheerful, friendly and safe neighborhood.

The lights on either side of the garage shine a welcome home.

(The mauve pink mortar looks especially whimsical between the bricks behind the bright red bow. I must remember to track down the house with the blue bricks and see how it looks all trimmed up!)

Time to share our days adventures. The tea pot is filled with hot mulled wine...and the small cups are the perfect size for the warming treat.

(Thanks Mom for making the tiny mugs and a tea pot to match!)

The star quilted plate was made by me long ago when small children littered my life.

How ever did I find the time to make things like that back then???

An evening on the couch relaxing...with the Christmas frog who croaks out Christmas songs whenever his foot is squeezed. His carols still makes me laugh!
(New ditsy print pillows from IK-you-know-where-EA for the season...replacing the orange accent pillows and throws with red was a fast and inexpensive bit of fun!)
The fireplace is put to good use...and white box of Christmas trivia questions is used for a friendly game after dinner.
The autumn colored fireplace glass has been switched to a Christmas-y mix for the season.
Outside through the sheer curtains the Christmas lights glow.
A slice of Dad's fruitcake (a yearly gift) for dessert, and then it is off to bed.
(More peeks to come in future posts!)


Vicki said... quickly can you get over here to help me decorate? (We rearranged the great room last night in preparation for the tree...)

Everything looks so warm and inviting and festive, Jill!

Judy said...

It's looking mighty festive over here. Now I must get to work!

Heather L. said...

I'm totally contemplating a white and brown Christmas theme with pink accents thrown in whenever possible. :) A white tree with pink ornaments sounds adorable for a nursery!

Lovella ♥ said...

I so appreciate another's home to visit and to see your Christmas decor in this house. It looks so warm and inviting.
I also thank you for the reminder about falling snow on your blog. Being up north but close to the coast .. it sometimes takes a bit longer for the snow to arrive.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Oh me oh my....snow! Your red and green theme is so pretty.

I think Hart might match the decor a little better these days than Tiggie....or, we could say Tiggie is a GOLD any case he's definitely a golden-tongued cat!