Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When You Can't Say No But Should

Cessa is only eleven weeks old...but she is already caught up in television
(Click the green link above to see the movie, and be sure to have your sound turned on. I can't get the embed movie feature to work...drat!)

"Yes...this show is interesting. "

"What's a headache?"

"Oh...lipstick kisses! I get those on my head all the time from my Grandmama!"

"Scrubs! We LOVE watching Scrubs!"

"What do you mean that is enough television watching for one day?"

"Have you forgotten that I am a PRINCESSA?"

"Princessas get to do what ever they want. I was a 50 money dollar kitten. Hensley was only a ten money dollar kitten. He doesn't get to do whatever he wants like I do."

"You are being mean!"

"I don't think watching TV up close hurts my vision. What are you talking about? I can see just fine!""

"I'm going to eat my mermaid if you don't let me watch television!"

"I'll start with her had better turn that television back on or it is going to be bye bye mermaid!"

"How can you say no to me? I'm so cute!"

"I've been very good all day long...."

"OK, well all right then. Tickle my tummy and go get me some jingle balls and swishy sticks to play with instead."


Lovella ♥ said...

It makes me want a kitten. . oh boy ..wonder what my farmer would say about that.

Very cute. I wish I could get my grands to sit still and watch Treehouse for a few mintues now and then when I need them to be distracted.
Well done on the quick training.

Islandsparrow said...

I burst out laughing when I saw these pictures - you have the phrases and expressions matched perfectly!

Lovella - I have a kitten for you - actually 4 kittens - come east and they are yours!

Vicki said...

How precious! Spooky loves to watch TV, too...she has her little spot on the big chair where she watches all the action - golf is best, 'cause she hears the birdies chirping and wishes she could chase that white ball.

Anonymous said...

How can you not love those cats..B

Dolores said...

Wayyyy too sweet.

Janitha said...

Oh my goodness they are cute. How could you resist those begging eyes? Hahaha I can tell Laura has her hands full ;)

Schnitzel and the Trout said...

I need to ask about your hats. I feel that I look ridiculous in hats. Is it possible that not everyone can carry a hat? I have always been curious about this. I will wear a visor when golfing, but that is almost extending the limit of fashion for me. Just want your opinion. Does the head size, hair style have anything to do with determining the hat size/style?