Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The SLC wedding reception

The garden was beautiful. The deck was neatly arranged for guests to enjoy. Downstairs there were new colorful pillows on the couch.
The guests arrived...and the rain arrived...and everyone crowded into the living room and dining room instead..

More people were in the kitchen....

I guess I'm losing my blogger touch...these are the only pictures I took that came out half way good.
Pity I didn't get a picture of the Hawaiian pulled pork, Macadamian chocolate cake, fruit kabobs, Maui Onion Potato Chips, Asian Chicken, Asian salad, Brown Rice....
Or of some of the guests down in my hat room discovering what wearing a great hat is like.

When the rain stopped we got another family picture on the deck...this time the engaged couple have become a married fact the party was held on the one year anniversary of their first date.

A good time was had by all!

And boy am I glad that the "getting the house ready" is now FINISHED!


Vicki said...

Whew. Do I hear a sigh of relief that the push is behind you? (That's almost like the nine months leading up to a very long labor and finally giving birth.) Everyone looks so happy in the family photo.

I love that green you chose! Everything looks so good and pulled together...and a bit crowded on this particular day! ;)

I've picked out a couple of the framed prints on your wall that would look fab in my house...wanna trade? About 2/3 of mine will not work in this house...sniff.

Anonymous said...

Looks like every one was having a nice time and the house looks great. I recognized some of the pictures, all nicely arranged on the wall. Liked the green walls. Love, mom S.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh what a great post. . I so enjoyed the peek into the house. .I mentally moved people about so that I could see around them.

Your house is looking so great. . .I'm so glad you now have a bit more time to enjoy.

The family picture is great. . .I saw B's arm reaching to touch his son. . .very nice.

Dawn said...

So happy that the reception was a success! Loving the colors of the house...mmmm...nice green!