Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meet the In-Laws

Bernie, Bruce, Debra and Jill:

"The In-Laws"

Yes, Valentine's weekend my future DIL Rachel, ( or "Jill's Dil" as I call her..) parents came out for a visit.
It was time for the parents of the happy couple to meet.
Friday evening we met at a restaurant, had a marvelous dinner and were chattering away like old friends within minutes.
Later we went to Jeff's for dessert.
I had specifically brought my camera to record the momentous meeting, but completely forgot to use it.
The conversations over dinner and dessert were just too interesting!
Later Debra bemoaned the fact that she didn't get a picture of us meeting...
yup, I think we were destined to be friends!

We all attended church together and later they came by to see our house.
I made Debra promise to come to see it again after it all was done.
(It just rattled me to think of her forever more picturing us camping out in our crazy colors chateau!)
(I laughed when I enlarged this picture. Honestly, have you EVER seen an engagement ring glow like the one on Rachel? No wonder the guys were wearing sunglasses in the first picture. Beware of blinding bling!)
To tell the truth, I fretted about meeting them.
What if they were people that I wasn't comfortable with?
What if they didn't laugh or talk or share about themselves?
I wanted SO much to have my future grand children's co-grandparents be people I liked.
Well, the word "like" just doesn't do it to describe how I feel about these people.

Frankly, I wish they would MOVE to SLC so we could hang out together more often.
I absolutely adore these two!
Bruce shared about his mission trip to India to build a water/sewer treatment facility that also provided methane gas for cooking...
Debra shared about how much she likes her principal at the school where she is a special ed speech pathologist.
These are the kinds of things that makes me nod my head and say "Cool!!"

So the six of us gather on the deck, and we said a prayer and we toasted our future as a family.
Siblings we all are anyway through Christ, but now we are to be family in another way too.
It already just feels natural.

PS: Debra brought out her MIL (whoops, I mean MOB...thanks Lovella!) dress to show me.
She got it at killer price.
Oh such a deal she got. You just would not believe me if I told you so I won't.
Now that's the kind of lady I can relate with!

The wedding colors are navy and fuchsia. Debra's sleeveless dress and 3/4 length jacket is a soft duponi silk texture mauve fabric with a scattering of sequins and bead work. Just perfect for a morning wedding with just enough sparkle to balance the sparkle of a tear of joy or two.

I loved how she shared with me that she shopped with one of her best friends, and when she noted that the dresses seemed to look like Mother of the Bride dresses, her friend told her she had a flash for her: You ARE going to be the Mother of the Bride. Get on with it, buy a dress already!


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

This bodes will for wonderful times ahead! More blessings to come.

Anonymous said...

This post brings back sweet memories of the first time we met Bernie's parents. That too was a time of instant liking and enjoying an evening of a Concert on the Green and sharing a picnic dinner. That has led to 32 years of friendship and enjoyment of our terrific mutual grandchldren. I am so happy that you two are so blessed.Lovingly, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow...what bling! How funny that it caught the light just right for that pic.

I am soooo glad that everyone hit it off so well. That's terrific. I also love that she got a great deal on her MOB dress. So, how's the MOG dress-hunt coming along?

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh Jill, I am delighted for all of you .. it is truly wonderful to be friends with the dil's parents.
I like her dress as well. I was trying to figure out what MIL stood for in respect to her dress. .
Oh I realize. . Mother is lovely . .very nice.
I love that you can share these details with us. . it is so fun.

Judy said...

So glad all went well...and I am sure you will share many more wonderful opccasions in the future! That is quite the ring...amazing.

Marg said...

How exciting to see a wedding in your family. It sounds like everything is so perfect.
I enlarged the picture...The sparkling diamond. I hope they both sparkle forever....