Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trying out the new sticks.

Before the house hunting adventure overtook us, we still had our weekends free to enjoy the fall scenery and go hiking about.

Gosh I miss those days...

This mountain called our name on a Saturday afternoon, and away we went, just like that!

Sadly we had missed the aspen at full blaze; the weekend before had knocked the color off with a snow storm.

But the trail was still good exercise for us.

There was still plenty of color to be enjoyed.

The blue of the sky, the yellows and reds of the trees...

And a wasp's nest! (Be sure to enlarge to see the whole structure better.)

Yes, it is worth looking up above you as you go. I had never seen one of these thing in real life before. Usually I see them in cartoons, with angry wasps chasing a hapless character such as Goofy.

How marvelous to see one in real life, and not have the wasps chasing me!

This was my first time using walking sticks. I caught on right away, and LOVE them.

(The next day I could feel it in my upper arms...isn't that great? That area is starting to need all the help that can be gotten.)

Ahem...some other places could use some help too (although I say the pants are not the most flattering from that angle.)

It sure made crossing wobbly log bridges more doable.

Yup...fall color, and a picnic late day snack of wine and cheese, peaches and chocolate was pretty special too.

Next year...I want to be camping up here next year.
Maybe next year you will be visiting me in my new abode, and we'll go hiking this trail again together.


L&D said...

Oh man, your fall pictures of beautiful colors put mine to shame. Sigh. I tried so hard in this evergreen dominant province to get some good yellows in. Double sigh.

The pics are breath-taking as usual.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of walking sticks as being a work-out tool. Anything that helps me with balance would be good, too. I'm sure I'd get plenty of use out of those sticks here in the mountains and valleys of Florida (tongue very firmly planted in cheek).

Your afternoon outing and picnic sounds marvelous!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh such a great idea to get yourselves some walking sticks. Is there a correct way to use them? Do you use them as you naturally would walk, arm moving forward with the opposite leg?
It looks like a gorgeous area to hike and to camp and good for you to get out there.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are able enjoy such good times hiking together and viewing the beautiful scenery you show us in your great pictures. Hope, also, you house hunting goes well. Happy that your Houston house is in escrow. Congratulations! Love, mom S.

Kate said...

Count me IN! I love hiking in the Fall. We had lots of those wasp nests in Virginia when I was growing up. Wasps don't usually bother you unless you're a silly kid who throws rocks at the nest then races the wasps to the house -as my dear old Dad did as a boy. I can tell you usually the wasps win that race! I've had a few wasp stings tho' and they're not so bad as the honey bee stings. Still have had more than enough.

Thanks for sharing your walk! That picnic sounds perfect too.
K Q:-)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Great photos, as always. That wasp nest is amazing. Well, you look great with your walking sticks. I can see what a help they would be through those difficult places in the path. How many pair of those do you have, if we all come out for a group hike?

Islandsparrow said...

A beautiful trail for hiking! Those walking sticks would come in handy.

Your picnic sounds lovely too - all the essentials :)