Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do you know the Muffin Maid?

I got a surprise this morning when I was pulling out of our parking garage on my way to work.
Waiting at the top of the driveway was Lovella!

And she had a whole box of freshly baked muffins in hand!

Boy was I ever surprised!

I thought "Oh my gosh, it's Lovella...how did she get here? How does she even know where I live? Oh my gosh, I've got to get to work...but I want to hang out with her. Oh my gosh, she even baked us a bunch of muffins!"

Seriously, squint at the picture above and tell me if you don't think this girl looks like our favorite Mennomeno?
(That a Mennonite going through menopause, for those of you who don't speak Menno short hand....)

This lady walked right up to me like she knew exactly who I was. When she finally was at my car window, my brain finally settled down and I realized it wasn't actually Lovella after all.

She asked me if I wanted a muffin for breakfast and displayed a vast array of huge muffins wrapped up and tied with ribbon. I declined, stating that I had already had breakfast.

Thankfully my brain kicked into gear at that point, and I remembered there had been a sign by the elevator saying that everyone in the building would be treated to muffins and juice, as a thank you for being good tenants. (And I suppose for putting up with all the parking/asphalt issues. Yeah, a muffin definitely squares up the deal with a ten dollar parking fee, AND an $80 parking ticket. )

My brain suggested that a muffin would also be an excellent coffee break item for later on in the day.

I got a yummy poppy seed one, and enjoyed it greatly about two hours later.

Even so, I'll be that if Lovella had made it, it would have tasted even better.

I'm still trying to figure out what made me think it was Lovella.
Was it the hairstyle?
Or was it the fact that she was standing there displaying baking goods?
Hard to say.
Anyway, it was a fun and exciting few moments there, and a very interesting way to start the day.


L&D said...

Yes, I do see Lovella. Now, what would you do if RW showed up at your door? Hint: if I have muffins in hand, RUN in the opposite direction because my baking is horrendous.

Anonymous said...

Well, especially looking at the second picture, you could easily imagine that was Lovella. Really, there are some similarities (and it's easy to think of Lovella with food to share in her hands!).

I've been in that situation before...being lost in thought, or preoccupied, and then seeing someone and immediately thinking that it's so-and-so. Once, I even pulled my car over, rolled down the window, and called out by name to the person on the side of the road...oops. Not my friend. How embarrassing!

Lovella ♥ said...

Shoot. . .even I see Lovella and I didn't even have to squint. . .could you find her again? Show her my picture. . .
That is the funniest thing.
OH boy .. with muffins in her hand no less.
I'm just laughing. . .rethinking what you said. . about . . thinking it was me. . would that not be the craziest freaky thing?
Shoot. . I'm still laughing. .
Did you tell her why you were taking her picture?

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Lovella~yeah, I did tell her I knew hew "twin" up in Canada. She thought that was pretty funny, and let me take a couple of pictures with a big smile on her face. The guy she was with looked a bit like T. with a baseball hat...he turned his head as I drove up and I though "Oh T. doesn't want to spoil the surprise!"

I'm glad you are laughing with me...

Vicki~I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who is "losing it"! Thanks for sharing your red face moment.

RW: Have you heard about the Mennonite Girls Cook Constantly website? Figure out where some of them live, make friend, let them unload some calories on you, and you can present goodies with a gleeful "Home Made!"

You don't have to necessarily say WHOSE home it was made in, now do you????

Anneliese said...

My first thought was, "But I didn't think Jill lived around here!" I'm laughing too! I can see why you would have thought that.

Judy said...

I'm smiling! What a nice start to your day...having Lovella deliver muffins to you at your new address. You never know what she's cooking up!

Anonymous said...

What a close resemblance! Both pics are so close to what Lovella looks like. With food in hand too. They say we all have a twin and you just met Lovella's. Such fun. Hope you are doing well. Haven't stopped by for awhile, but glad I did today. Enjoy your day. Kathy

ellen b. said...

There are some similarities for sure. Holding baked goods really helps too :0)
Love this post Jill...

Vee said...

Hahahaha...that is pretty funny and I can see why you became confused! That gal does bear a striking resemblance to our favorite "Mennomeno." Hahahahaha...

I'm here directly from Lovella's or I wouldn't dare to laugh.

Vanessa said...

i definitely saw lovella too! how funny! :)

Islandsparrow said...

I'm not surprised that you'd do a double take! Especially with the muffins. It would be a Lovella thing to do :)

Willow said...

Hair, coloring, smile, muffins! Everything looks like Lovella. How funny!