Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fie on electronic gliches.

Sara was kind enough to let me know that the last pictures of yesterday's post had evaporated.

I don't understand how that works; I post pictures on the blog, they are there on my computer screen, yet can not be seen on other screens.

I'm posting the missing pictures on this post.
Jeff, Bernie, myself and Laura, about twelve or fourteen years ago.
We had no idea that day that today we would be living in three different states.
Ignorance is bliss...

My kitchen counter art, entitled "Low Carb Snack"
I thought that was a funny way of illustrating that diet, having a preying mantis about to snag a spider for a snack.
I still think it is funny.
It's been a bit frustrating here today. Our email company ( got bought by Cebridge. Our email just stopped working when that happened, so we had to start our account again with Outlook Express interface.
Yes, we spent a bunch of time on the phone with Cebridge trying to figure out what the problem was.
Long story short...kingwoodcable will now not allow emails to be sent from our account. We can send them using the web interface...and we still receive emails...we just can't sent them the way we used to.
(electronic blah blah blah....)
Our internet provider has changed, and changed again.
Results is better service.
Customer service has been delightful
I'm just glad I was at work again today while B. fought this fight.
We're switching to gmail. If we email you, you will be notified.
Painting continues, job search continues, heat continues, prayers continue.
Email service?
Not so much.
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A Lady said...

Poor momma!!! computer issues are the worst!!!
Oh, and I forgot to tell you yesterday that your pictures were boxes. My bad.
Talk to you later. And my, what a good looking family you've got there!
I just rebandaged Gpa S's hand and rewrapped the arm. It's sure good to be on duty again! Makes me appreciate all those years of nursing duty. Thank you again for helping with school, even though it's been 7 years since I've been there!

Lovella ♥ said...

oh bother. . and when you'll be off somewhere else soon anyways. . Couldn't they have waited until after the move?
Oh the picture of your family is wonderful. It oozes summer fun. Oh .. warm weather. . big sigh.

well .. see you in gmail. . at least they won't be selling anytime soon.

Marg said...

My hear pours out to you this morning over the grief of your email.
I've been thinking it's time to fire our email service also, but I'm scared just like you described.

Anyways, you might find this funny. I have always thought that you had a hat/millinery retail store. But I found out differently.

The best to you today.

Marie Christopher said...

The picture of your family is super.

At least things are continuing.

HHN event in July? Let's talk.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

What's that saying...When it rains it pours?

The mantis and the spider do make a funny statement about diet.

Gmail is great; I use it for my blog email address.

Your family photo is really great...thanks for reposting it!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, I love gmail! I spent the past week out of contact with a computer, but gmail and my cell phone are completely compatible!