Friday, June 27, 2008

At least someone is having fun here.

The painters have taped heavy brown paper over our carpet and tile to protect them while they are re-painting.
Our cats are absolutely LOVING this!
Normally Tiggie visits the litter box (see in far back ground) each morning, and then gallops madly around the house for a few minutes.
Thundering cat paw sounds on carpet are louder than you would think they would be.
Cat paws pounding on brown paper it is practically deafening.

Ever seen a cat having a blast with a brown paper bag?
Right now the boys are enjoying the mother of all brown paper bags.

We thought all the people coming and going with paint and ladders would traumatize the cats.
We were wrong.
As long as there is brown paper to race around on, they are totally happy.
(I think it is because they are boy cats, and you know how boys are: they love the sound of loud cars and motorcycles and such. The sound they make on the brown paper is like a cat version of gunning a hot rod!)

And because I need something to settle my nerves, I'm posting this sketch by Carl Larsson of his beloved wife Karin.
Isn't that veil wonderful?
It wasn't until a few years ago the I realized some hat veils were designed to be worn against the face.
It is a very unsettling look in real life, especially if you haven't ever seen anything like it before.
Wonder if this look will ever make a come back in my lifetime.
I'll wear it now, if you will...


Lovella ♥ said...

two things come to mind on this post. . first our beloved Oliver who met his demise when crossing the street. He would thunder up and down the hallway at night. . while we were all in bed. . doing what we never really knew ..we would open the doors and he would stop and look at us in disbelief .. what were we thinking to disturb him..
second. . the other day I could have used a net around my head. .the misquitoes were crazy at the lake. . I think you can buy those kind of nets for protection ..well maybe not exactly those kind of nets. .
still that is what came to mind.
Glad the boys are having fun.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

What is it about cats and the cat box. Miss Kitty also thunders (in her delicate but loud way) up and down the hall after visiting the box. You are so right, it is amazing how much noise little cat feet can make. "Thunder" is really the best way to describe it!

I don't think I'd like having a veil like that right up against my skin....

Elizabeth said...

I always love cat posts!
About the veil - I do remember people wearing them - but not against the face.
I think at my age a veil might be a good idea - come to that perhaps a burqua!!!

L&D said...

I think the veil is equivalent to a rhinoplasty (nose job). Hey, it's waaaaay cheaper than plastic surgery.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny just how loudly the cats can be when tearing through the house sounding like a herd of elephants? Even tiny little Spooky sounds like an elephant!

That veil looks downright uncomfortable!