Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kicking off a three day weekend...

Recuperation has allowed me time to sit in the garden and consider what work needs to be done. Pruning the trees, an ongoing task, seemed most pressing to me. And we (well...I ) have been nothing but slothful the past few days.

We have been just watching a lot of movies lately; Greenfingers (a great Helen Mirren flick) Charlie Wilson's War (Houston story, eye crossing to know what happened back in the '80 to get us where we are today with Afghanistan) PS: I Love You (nice, but I didn't cry) and Bagger Vance (again..if you love hats, you really, really must see this flick.) I even watched a truly weird Bollywood film based on a Russian novel....hoo boy.

This morning Bernie suggested that we do tree trimming on Monday so the clippings could go out with the trash on Wednesday.

He was thinking right with that, but I was raring to make the trees look like I had envisioned, so I headed out. He and Laura followed, and took charge of the tools that were needed to make the changes needed.

I wanted all the branches that were over their head GONE. With the branches gone, it would be possible to see our neighbors lovely tree that turns yellow in the fall, and the pink flowering and blue flowering trees in their yard as well.

It is called "borrowing" landscaping.

It was so hot and steamy out that the camera kept fogging up.

Naturally Tiggie joined in. He is very fond of playing "sticks" and there sure were a lot being created here.
I accidental stepped on his tail at one point. He yowled, gave me an offended look, then settled right back into the action. Bernie found it quite challenging to drop large branches without hitting the cat.

See? Doesn't that look a lot better? Same view as the first shot....
(Notice the Faithful Orange Cat is still on duty.)

We cleared out a tree that was growing almost parallel to the ground. We had stalled on removing it because it always held one of our big bird feeders. We'll replace it with one like the one pictured above, and hang it from a shepherd's crook.

Clearing the branches out should also allow more sunlight to fall on our back lawn area. It has basically died from lack of sunlight. Strangely thought, a volunteer sunflower has bloomed in the most shaded part of the garden.

I'm thinking of scattering more sunflower seeds; the one flower looks so cheery!

I've still got to replant the garden bed. The last few years I've planted coleus; this year I have loads of volunteers. Wouldn't you know it, this year I have a hankering to plant inpatients.
For some reason this year NONE of the local nurseries are carrying inpatients!
I am getting really impatient for impatients!
After four hours of work, we were all sweaty and ready to retreat inside for a nice bison burger cooked on the barbecue (sooo much yummier than beef...) and some mango lassi (yogurt, ice, sugar and mango drink, very refreshing) and we plan to wile the rest of the day away watching a few more flicks.
Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?
Tell me about it.
It has to be more interesting than what we are doing.
I am amazed to think that this time last year I was in Switzerland; what a difference year this is!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You had quite a day! I am most intrigued with the bison burger--my absolutely favorite meat. The only local place I have found it is at Target...and it comes from my hometown of Denver. I have some in the freezer waiting for Memorial Day. I am so glad to see someone else think it is better than beef. I would take a bison burger over hamburger any day. Did you know that Fuddrucker's offers buffalo and ostrich? I only recently found out.

I am so glad to hear that you are up and about...the proof is in the photos. Beautiful view of the neighbor's landscaping. And I adore the sunflower.

Lovella ♥ said...

This post had me stop and linger and savour the visit. .
I really enjoyed seeing the transformation of the view. . beautifully done.
The next intriguing thing was the faithful cat.. quite funny.
Last stop. . the mango drink. . I felt excited about this since I have the ingredients on hand.. could you explain more precisely the amounts. . I suppose I could check online for it too.
And the bison burger. .I'll definately have to try that this summer.
I'm glad you all had such a steamy great day together. . remember to rest.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I'd say your day is a bit more exciting than mine! I'm making bean soup, it's cold, gray and wintery, and I will be doing a little reading.

Nice job on getting that cat's eye view of the bird feeder....and Tiggie cooperated nicely while you or someone got the back of his head in the photo.

The tree trimming made a nice difference in the view; it looks good.

I've had buffalo burgers and ostrich burgers (well, just one ostrich did not suit my taste buds). The buffalo is tasty though.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Lovella...send the recipe for the mango drink. It sounds perfect! It's so hot and humid here that I want anything tasty and refreshing with a chill to it! It's definitely too hot to eat much.

That photo looking up Tiggie's back was a great touch! I don't think Spooky would allow anyone to get behind her like that. She's so darn jumpy. ;)

The yard transformation looks good, but be sure that you don't overdo it!

Kate said...

Well, I spent Saturday afternoon and evening at my sister's lake house near Fredericksburg then headed back into town to see the new Afghan exhibit at the National Gallery and to walk around the Mall Sunday with all the tourists and the Rolling Thunder motorcyclists. Spotted a new museum since I last lived here - the Museum of the American Indian, a spectacular building that will require another day of exploration.

Today my friend Cat and I took to Tysons Corner Mall for some retail therapy. We shopped until we nearly dropped.

I am missing my fella and can't believe it's already been a year since you visited us in Switzerland!

Hope you are feeling much better.
Kate Q:-)