Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday morning in our garden

Saturday morning at home in the garden; a perfect cool setting for reading the paper and sipping our coffee.

The Japanese maples have begun to unfurl their leaves. The tender new leaves have rosy rust shading that foreshadow their autumnal future.

The morning dew glistens on the the azaleas.

A patio lion patrols our garden pathways.
Even the catapillars add color to the morning. The lion was urged to consume the invader, but he declined the offer.

A white pansy, seemingly a tailored floral expression when considered beside the white azaleas gauzy ruffled displays.
We are having a fun and busy weekend; I'll be posting our adventures in separate posts!
(PS: It hit a record setting 88 degrees on Friday. Hoo boy....)


Jane Carlstrom said...

Thanks Jill, a wonderful break in the garden. The flower pictures are so amazing and detailed. Talented Tiggie is Tremendous and so regal on patrol.

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing the colors of the azaleas! They look especially brilliant this year around here. I enjoy looking at the happy little faces on pansies, too, but that white fella is wearing a bit of a blank expression, isn't he?

Doc & I were just discussing this afternoon how early summer arrived this year! I had to drive home from church with the a/c on mega-blast!

Anonymous said...

your azaleas are beautiful and your garden lion is a very handsome fellow, even the crawly critter is colorful. enjoyed it all! love, mom S.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

A very pleasant spot indeed. I like that "patio lion" of yours!