Sunday, January 06, 2008

Into a fresh winter look

Each year, after all the Christmas red and green trims are retired from my world, I love to place a cleansing splash of yellow and blue accents through out our house.

This year a bowl full of bright yellow lemons on a silver tray (thanks Mom S. for sending the lemons from her yard!) lifts my spirits in the post holiday lull, and they are refreshing to consider as I sip a hot cup of tea.

It is so much fun to re-decorate my blog as well!

The weather is "soft and warm" here today, as Laura noted this morning. The three of us agreed; the humidity in air does feel soft against one's skin.

We've already had a celebratory King's cake, and Laura and I took a long walk together as well.

As Bernie and Laura watch a game on TV, I found my thoughts turning to millinery once again.

I put "winter white hat" in as an ebay search, and this lovely creation popped up on my screen:

A faux suede body, with real mink, Victorian lace, a Victorian button and pearls as trim.

The milliner's name is Judith Krantz, and I think this hat is the perfect romantic winter hat.

I can imagine wearing it with a long white woolen coat with mink cuffs and collars and a parade of rich velvet buttons marching down the front.

Sigh. Clearly such would be too warm for Houston winter wear.

But oh, if I lived where there was snow and ice...I think I'd make the coat and wear it with the dreamy hat everywhere I went on wintery days.

If you are interested in seeing it on ebay, click here. Judith promises she is about to make more hats. I hope she does. I'll be watching for them, and dreaming of snowy winters.

(UPDATE! She has posted three more hats...sheared beaver, mink, velvet....and more to come. Swoon. See them here!)


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Yellow and blue is one of my favorite color combos (not to wear, but to look at). Those lemons are so beautiful and shiny!

That is a very decadent hat, luscious and gorgeous and all those extravagant words....

L&D said...

You'd look stunning in that hat.

Can't wait to see your new "do."

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I like the lemons! They do freshen everything up, don't they?

Lovella ♥ said...

Jill, I love those lemons, such a fresh and bright look. I envy that warm humidity.
Oh the hats, you have wonderful style. I'm off to have a better look at the sites you provided.
I'm in the middle of closet mess.