Sunday, January 20, 2008

Craving chocolate

I am craving chocolate.

All it took was one luscious full page glossy ad and POW! I wanted chocolate in a way I had never wanted chocolate before.
It was so innocent. I was just flipping through the pages of a freebie fashion magazine when I saw the newest kind of chocolate.

One look and I was hooked.

That was in December. Since then I have thought a lot about this new chocolate. I've visited stores with samples, and
researched on the web. Apparently my craving is the result of successful advertising.

Yes, chocolate diamonds are the newest thing in jewelry world. It seems that certain diamond mines have been producing deep brown diamonds lately. For years brownish colored diamonds were considered "low colored" and not particularly desirable.

But hey! There is a mine producing diamonds....and after all, a brown diamond is still a diamond, right? can women be enticed to want to buy brown diamonds?

One jeweler had an idea: Market them as Chocolate diamonds

Women love chocolate, right? And women love

Put them together and you've got an unbeatable match: Chocolate diamonds!

(or Cognac diamonds if the stone is a little lighter, and Champagne diamonds if they are lighter still...)

Wow. Oh wow. Sign me up right now. Call me a sucker, but I just love the way the white diamonds look against the brown diamonds.
Very sophisticated, yet casual.

(The first piece above piece is calling my name from Macy's. It is a LeVian design, the company that dreamed up this whole chocolate diamond thing in the first place. I am doing deep breathing to resist dropping a money amount that includes a comma for this bit of bling....)

Naturally, it is always possible to find something for a little less. Like this pendant, at about a third of the price of the first one.
I, of course, like the first one best.

In December only one jewelry store was carrying chocolate diamonds. Now even QVC has "chocolate diamonique" jewelry. All the bling without the sting. Stingless to both the check book and human toil and soil damage. "Cultured" diamonds are what those CZ and diamoniques are being called these day of "Save the Planet" going green in all things.

I remember not too long ago when pink diamonds were SO in. Remember J. Lo and Ben Affleck's misbegotten engagement? Next thing you knew everywhere you looked there were pink CZs.

And then there were all those yellow diamonds out there for awhile. "Canary" diamonds was what the fashion magazines called them. I never could imagine them on me or anyone else that I knew. I never did see a yellow "cultured" diamond though.

Koby Bryant bought his wife a honking lavender diamond after he was indiscreet, although he admitted to nothing at the time.

So various colored diamonds have had their various days.

And now it is time for

Doesn't this just suck?
Now I have to resist chocolate to eat, because of too many calories, and real chocolate diamonds as well.

(Chocolate heart diamond above from here.)

PS: Now there is also "chocolate gold" in addition to white, yellow and rose gold. Interesting, no?

PSS: Don't you think chocolate diamonds are similar to smoky topaz, which just happens to be Mr. B's birthstone?

And since my birthstone is diamond....

I'm just thinking out loud here....hint hint....


Anonymous said...

That first one is stunning! I think any stone in the correct setting can be made to look grand (think of "My Fair Lady" and those elegant dresses and hats!).

Aw, Jill. Quit drooling. It's a phase. One day chocolate diamonds will be sitting alongside the pink ones.

Hm, but I guess a little chocolate for your birthday wouldn't hurt! Big hint, Mr. B!

(April, huh? Doc's birthday is April, also.)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Yeah, I son has a degree in marketing. He says I am a marketing major's dream come true. All I have to do is see a sign for a Mexican restaurant, and then I crave Mexican food. If I see a commercial for a tourist attraction, I want to go to that. Easily led apparently.

That's why I am resisting so hard. Fercryinoutloud, they are pricing these brown numbers like they were high quality rare blue white diamonds.

I still want the first one though.

Jane Carlstrom said...

oh dear Jill, I fear these may be like the torture shoes, not really wearable. They just seem a bit too opulent. Try this - cut out a paper picture, decoupage it and wear it as a pin or necklace. : )

Cheap chocolate fix. Lol

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh boy .. .bling is always inticing.

You'll look fabulous in the chocolate diamond pendant. Oh, I'm just now doing a mental check over your wardrobe . .. . Something cream and silky .. .gorgeous.

We took our oldy goldies in to have reclawed .. for the price of that I probably could have purchased a small chocolate diamond too.

Lovella ♥ said...

The second hat down on your sidebar . .. it'll be perfect . .

Marie Christopher said...

They do look topazy --- and I like the prices of topaz better! Topaz comes in many colors also.