Sunday, August 19, 2007

Canada Adventure: Day Three

Whew! We have been having SO much fun, and doing so much I have not had time to even call Bernie!
Sorry honey...I love you!
Terry and Lovella are running to the store before we dash out of town to Vancouver to see Taming of the Shrew as part of Bard on the Beach tonight.
So this is just a quick catch up post using some of Lovella's pictures from along the way so far.

Above: Terry disciplining Indee by doing doggie time out.
She is quite a head strong teen age girl, but so cute it is hard to stay mad.

If you go over to Lovella's blog you will be able to see more of our trip to Minter Gardens, but this picture captures my fellow bloggers and now dear friends Becky from the Random Pondering and Julie from Pearls in a Nutshell.
Isn't it fun that they both wore green?

Beautiful Minter....I'll post a web album later...

We all had such stories to tell about roses that we had tried or liked or took quite awhile to get out of the just the rose garden area! You can see in this picture how much we were laughing and enjoying each other.


Julie said...

It was really wonderful being with you in person, Jill - but truly I felt that I already knew you!!
What a special day!!

Julie said...

Jill, it was wonderful to meet you in person. You were just like I already knew you from your blog.
The time together just seemed too short !!

Oh, and I checked out that 'a dress a day' website...very interesting!!