Monday, August 20, 2007

Canada Adventure: Day Four August 19 2007

A quick recap: Saturday evening we attended a wonderful church service at Terry and Lovella's church. Such enthusiasm for worship, and testimony from a man whose life had been so changed by encountering Jesus. The best!
After that Becky from Random Pondering and her husband Ray join us at Lovella's home for dinner: a fabulous spaghetti sauce that has permanently altered my definition of what spaghetti sauce should taste like; her all day prep recipe is simply out of this world delicious, and I learned a new trick about using papaya seeds!

Sunday morning we headed to Starbucks for a visit with John and Hilda and Becky and Ray. As usual, the guys sat together talking boy talk while us ladies leaned in for girl talk. Same the world over, eh?
(Thought I'd slip in a little Canadian talk there...)
We scurried home, grabbed a few things then headed out to Tim Morton's the "everywhere" in Canada meeting place for a good nosh. The chicken sandwich was tasty, and I got to try the classic British Columbia was that spelled again...anyway, it was delicious although Becky and Lovella shook their head mournfully that my introduction to the treat was not Lovella's excellent style, and that I was having to just make do with Tim Morton's ordinary.
I guess I *would* have had a good visit to Canada if that detail had been right, now all hope is lost...and I clearly will have to visit again for her to have an opportunity to make amends for that little oversight (just kidding!)

The weather has been very co-operative. Becky, Ray, Terry, Lovella and I next headed over to Vancouver, to visit Gas Town and see the sights.

A JADE version of the Itsuk, the symbol of the upcoming Winter Olympics.

A motorcycle show was in full throttle...colorful bikes and riders everywhere!
All over BC I saw such beautiful hanging baskets. It was difficult not to stop and snap a picture of each and every single creation.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Moose! Guess things are so quiet up there now, the Mounties have turned over duties to large stuffed animals...

...and wooden cut outs. Wonder what the real deal guys are doing with their time?

(Just kidding! They are still around, but just not wearing the flashy jackets while they perform their ordinary duties. More's the pity, don't you think?)

Orange...I'm telling is everywhere!

I was fascinated by the steam powered clock...

It took quite some time to see all the cycles, hanging baskets, and people. People watching is always fun.
We then headed over the bridge to Granville Island, where we wandered into the fabulous Granville Millinery Shop. Canada has lots of very talented and creative milliners, and I had seen the Granville shop on line years ago.

When Lovella and I began to communicate via blogdom and email, I asked her if she had ever visited the shop, and a soon as she had a chance she popped over to the Island and took a look around. Her post on that was delicious, and she looked so good in all the hats.

Naturally we had to take a trip there while I was visiting.

Becky is clearly a HFP girl too..

(HFP: Hat Friendly Profile!)

What a hat!

I loved that one on her!

It was such fun to see the girls trying on hats, and I picked up a few ideas too. The store carried many Canadian milliners, and it was wonderful to see the Lilliput's label again. I do so admire Lilliput's hats, such as the one above.

Wasn't this just the most gorgeous setting with such a handsome couple across from me? The view the other was was great too...Becky and Ray are equally smart looking. Oh, and the mountains in the background and the sail boats bobbing in the harbor at sunset was pretty spectacular too.

Salmon with blueberries for dinner: YUM!

Wedding for the boys with the groom/bride in a stunning navy blue straw with elegant blue face veil: I do so love a veil. I'm not so sure I'm such a big fan of a veil on a guy though. (try not to think about it....)

THEN we headed over to see The Bard on the Beach's version of the Taming of the Shrew, done western style! Hilarious, and such great acting! The male lead had a Matthew McConanghe (you know who I mean, Laura...) look about him. Not bad, not bad at all!

The heaven's opened up and thankfully we were in a large tent so the show continued without a pause, and the weather toned down to just a light sprinkle as we headed to the car and on to home.

I must have done something good to deserve so much fun in all in one day!

Today, we are off to the mountains to meet another blogger....see ya later!


Anonymous said...

Oooooh...what fabulous photos! I really love the hats!

Julie said...

Sounds like you are having fun, Jill! I never doubted that you would are hosted by the best!!
And I'm also pleased to see you are picking up Canadian lingo..can't go home without it, eh?
And you will definitely be leaving a few women a little more 'hat' conconsious

A Lady said...

Oh, Mom, of course I know who you are talking about and no, I can't spell it either! I absolutely adore the red/coral hat on Becky. My favorite! And the one you had on with the huge feathers, incredible! It sounds like you are having a really great time. Keep it up. I love you! I did miss you today when I scored 4 dresses for $70 after tax. I simply could not decide which I wanted to wear to heather's wedding. I'm thinking of posting pictures of me in each and asking everyone to vote since I don't think Jeff will be any help in deciding which is the best....

Kate said...

Wow! And did any of you buy a hat?
K Q:-)

Lovella ♥ said...

The squares would be nanaimo bars . .over at Tim Hortons.

Fun fun fun

Becky said...

That was a wonderful day! By the way, for your information, it is "Tim Horton's" H, not an M, (many Canadian readers will be wondering about that), and "Naniamo Squares" are the specialty dessert, and you will have to try some homemade ones. They are far superior to store ones. Freshness of ingredients makes such a difference!
Glad you had a good time at Bard. It was fun being there with a Texan watching a western!

Danna said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Welcome to Canada!

heidi said...

it's not everyday that i have an opportunity to correct a reference librarian, so i just cannot help myself....its tim Hortons (or timmy ho's if you like) ;) tee hee. i think you've seen more of BC than even josh has! one day i'll show him whistler and manning and minter gardens...

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

In case you don't see my comment today on Lovella's blog, regarding the scrumptions looking TIM TAMS, there is store in San Antonio that sells them - know anyone in SA??
This website is interesting - has recipes too:

Anonymous said...

ok. wo