Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Ladies of Mouseville, and Christmas pt. 3

Granny Petite Point and her friend Sally Stitchery.
I love the little work they've done, the reader glasses perched on the nose, and the red velveteen dress.

These three ladies were purchased in the UK at little tourist shops. I think the sled was a happenstance that made its way into the collection.

Posted by Picasa Hey, wait a minute....aren't you a MOLE?????

OK, you can stay, because you have a cute hat.

All who wear cute hats are welcomed around Jill's World you know.

So, in case you are wondering... what is really going on is this:

I knew I wouldn't be able to download from my camera to Bernie's laptop during this trip, as it is the laptop he uses for business. Pictures just gum up the works.

So I uploaded pictures ahead of time to my old blogger site that I created as a back up, back when I foolishly signed this site up for Blogger Beta last summer.

Blogger Beta: THAT was a nightmare.

I still can not load pictures directly to this site.
I have to upload to my old blogger site, publish, copy, log into this site, and then paste in the the Html from the old site.

Yup, what a pain.

But at least it works.

I am holding my breath that when the fine folks of Google and Blogger switch my back-up site to the new format that I will still be able to up-load pictures. (Hi to Kate...I feel your angst!)

I'm in Salt Lake City, where the temperatures rose during the night and melted all the snow away. It is raining now, DH and DS (those letters stand for Dear Husband and Dear Son...hi Mom!)
are up in the mountains skiing. We're supposed to get a huge amount of snow tonight! Hurrah!

This morning the three of us sat around the Christmas tree and opened gifts. I had gift opening with my in-laws on Sunday night, then gifts with my folks Christmas day, and then here we are again. I like this! Very nice to spread out the joy for three days.

I'm hoping I will be able to download my pictures into DS personal computer, and get to his Picasa. If it works, I'll start blogging pictures of this vacation.
There is LOADS of fun stuff to see.

Meanwhile, let me paint one word picture from the trip. I didn't get a picture of this, but my Canadian readers might enjoy this story:

I was invited to go to the San Diego Wild Animal Park with my long time friend Chris Stewart. She brought along her daughter Jessica and her daughter-in-law Heidi Stewart. All of our husbands went off to play golf for the day.

Now Heidi is ready to birth a huge baby boy any minute now. So we rode a tram through the park, and were entertained by the tour guide. The tour guide stopped the tram regularly to point out various new born critters, each time stating "This is another example of the successful breeding program that we have here."

I kept looking at Heidi, and wishing I could have slipped the driver some money and had him say something like:

"In the sixth row back in the tram there is a pregnant Canadian who is expecting a baby boy any day now. This was a unique breeding opportunity, with conception occurring in Scotland, between a Canadian and an American. Another example of a successful breeding program here today at the Wild Animal Park."


Lovella ♥ said...

I did enjoy that story. It reminded me of the picture that my husband took of me in front of the hippopotomus cage in my nineth month at the Calgary Zoo in Canada. What fun. Sounds like a lovely outing.

heidi said...

yes, i am a very good example of successful breeding, indeed. i also hope that my little guy is born before the michigan game because if he is born ON that day, my husband/labor coach/wish granter will be AWOL and i will not be happy.

Anonymous said...