Friday, December 29, 2006

First lines: A restrospective

A challenge from Dawn, to record first lines from the first posting of each month.

June: Amazingly, half of the year 2006 is over.
(A visitor was kind enough to point out that the year would be half over July 1st....oops!)

July: Ever read Ellen Goodman?

August: These first two pictures are a close up of the Sally Victor panama straw.

September: It's pretty busy around the gardenia bush these days.

October: It was an interesting week.

November: I'm in.

December: I headed to Kroger and just got my two little trees.

My favorite post was this one on earworms , even though it didn't have any pictures.

Life is still delightful here in Salt Lake. It was sunny and clear today, and we went tubing. I still marvel at how snow glistens. The little sparks that flash from untouched snow is such a marvel. I imagined God making snow, and then at the last moment adding the sparkle. What an amazing touch!

We watched Oregon State WIN in the Sun Bowl. GO BEAVERS!

Jeff and I picked out paint for his guest room. "Iconic Sky". Whatever that means. It is kind of a turquoise color, and we went with a slightly bolder color than I first thought to. Tomorrow we paint!

Then off for Mexican food, and now we'll watch "The Devil Wears Prada."
Two nights ago we watched "The Black Dahlia." Ugh...skip it, even though it did have some great hats!

Any fellow bloggers are welcome to leave a comment to go to their site to read their first line retrospectives. And please select your favorite post from your own blog as well!

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Kate said...

Here are my firsts - tho' I don't always write on the first of the month. As to my favorite - probably whatever I'm writing today. From this exercise it looks like I need to work on my opening lines!

Here I am in Switzerland and what a gorgeous place this is!

Here are a few things that are a bit different from home:

Switzerland was once known for its beautiful lace (Stickerei) and St. Gallen was for many years the center of the Swiss lace industry.

Last Saturday my husband and I had lunch at the Colony Cafe’s outdoor patio.

We live in the heart of the Alt Stadt (Old Town) of St. Gallen in a penthouse (attic) apartment in a 500 year old building.

The sun has come out again and our weather is glorious!

It’s Independence Day!

The first Friday of each month I hop a train to Zurich, along with my friend Starr, to the American Women’s Club where our Book Club meets.

The weather was really nice Saturday so I persuaded Sherman to take the afternoon off for a boat trip to Lindau.

Wednesdays and Saturdays are market days in our neighborhood.

I am just back from two wonderful weeks in Italy and hardly know where to begin!

The Christmas Markets opened this weekend and shoppers are out in force.
K Q:-)