Monday, December 18, 2006

December 18, 2006: 30 years ago today....

That's Bernie and me, on December 18th 1976 at 2 in the afternoon taking our vows at La Jolla Presbyterian Church in Southern California.

A perfect setting for a Christmas wedding!

Maid of honor Jennifer wore red, the bridesmaids were wearing deep green.

I remember walking down the aisle and being just so amazed that I knew everyone in the place, that everyone there loved me, and that I would probably never have so many people that I loved in one place at one time ever again.
Back up the aisle, the deed is done. I have a new last name!

I know what we were looking at in this picture. My friend Chris was holding her baby boy Josh, who was squirming in the back row. Josh is expecting his first child any day now, maybe Tristan will be born on our anniversary!

Bernie is wearing a dark green tuxedo...which was very cool back in 1976. I'm carrying a Mother of Pearl covered Bible from Jerusalem that my grandmother loaned me. It figures that a future librarian would get married carrying a book. A few roses were wired on top so I could have a bouquet too.

This site about the 1970's bridal fashions shows a dress almost identical to mine.

(And by the way, am I the only one who thinks sleeves on wedding dresses are due for a come back? These strapless gown brides doing the funky chicken move to pull up their, cover your shoulders, and save the bare look for the ball room, its not a good look in church.)

Our cake has a story. The smiling gentleman is Dodd Burright, a friend of my dad's. He was a baker, and made fabulous wedding cakes for his family members.

When I was born, he told my dad he wanted to make my wedding cake when it was time.

Twenty two years later he kept his promise. As soon as I got engaged, he called and said to come over and help design the motif for my cake.

Between each layer is a mirror, on the top of each layer and on the underside as well. The mirrors were decorated, and created an infinity effect when you looked at the cake.

It was the most DELICIOUS cake I have ever eaten. I still have the doves holding tiny rings that perched on the edge of the glass holding the fresh flowers on top. The cake was white, with pale green leaves as its only color accent.

Another friend of my dad had a 1934 vintage Rolls Royce. Ken donned chauffeur livery, and drove us slowly through La Jolla.

It was the weekend before Christmas, and the village streets were packed with holiday shoppers. Everyone stopped and clapped and cheered for us as we went by.

I felt like royalty. Princess Diana had nothing on me!

It was a perfect day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. Your post was so uplifting. Happy anniversary.

heidi said...

wow, happy anniversary! loved those pictures...looking forward to meeting you this weekend!

Danna said...

Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years to come!

Marie Christopher said...

Happy Anniversary you lovely people! You contribute joy to lives of everyone who knows you.....


Danna said...

Sorry my computer froze and I wanted to post that I had long sleeves getting married too! Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Lovella ♥ said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw your dress and veil. We got married 29 years ago and mine was almost identical. When when I followed the link I really had to smile. My mom had made my dress and we had copied a style out of a bride magazine but after the wedding the "magazine picture" was missing. Happy Anniversary.

Dawn said...

Happy Day day late!
My dress was similar..'72..
I, for one, am a bit tired of all the strapless gowns. Where is the variety???
...just my preference, I guess.
Thanks for the peek into your special day.

Becky said...

Dodd Burright was my grandpa. I discovered your blog thru some googling. My dad, Dallas Burright, told me to comment on your entry.