Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm here...Picasa and Blogger, well, not so much.

Just a quick post to let you all know I am fine, and while naturally I was feeling down about Tidbit, Google's Blogger was really down, to the degree that "they" posted an long apology and explained that they felt horrible that so many rough spots and break down occurred last week.

Which is why I was gave up on posting last week.

This lovely morning I am raring to go with loads of lovely stuff to share, and technical difficulties are still, um...haunting poor Blogger.

I'm posting this, hopefully, to let you all know that I had a peaceful and restorative weekend in Salt Lake City. Our son Jeff has acquired a townhome as a first time home owner. I wanted to see it, and he wanted/allowed my input on paint color selection.

Would you believe the recently built unit had ceilings, walls, baseboards, doors and trim all painted in matching pale grey? The carpet was a slightly darker shade of grey. It was like standing in a fog bank. His furniture is green, a vegetable type green, (as hopefully you will soon see from the pictures) and the overall effect was absolutely de-energizing.

The chance to live out my "Home and Garden" TV network inspired fantasies on a blank canvas, PLUS the autumn splendor in SLC, and being able to attend the "Kirkin' of the Tartans" (mmmm....men in kilts!) that weekend combined to make too good of an opportunity to miss. When I booked the trip two weeks ago I didn't know how much all these "good things" would combine to sooth my soul at a tender time.

I'll keep trying Blogger throughout the day....Tiggie obliged with a stunning Halloween pumpkin shot this morning that I really want to post. The boys are going by "Pumpkin" and "Licorice" just for today.

Bernie's got jury duty this afternoon, and I've got to unpack my suitcases and dig out my black hat with the vintage orange feather. If Blogger/Picasa comes back to life, I'll be ready with lots of eye candy treats for later. And those, hurray, are the non-fatting kind!

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Marie Christopher said...

Yay! Jill is back!