Monday, June 26, 2006

June 26, 2006: Stuff you might not know.

Did you know...

~You can make the photos on the blog much bigger by simply clicking on them? They will show up in a separate window, and you will have a "print" or "email" option for that picture available at that point too.

~You can also email any of the blogs to anyone you want to! Just click on the little envelope at the end of each blog and it will send the blog off to whoever you wish to share it with.
Easy-peasy! (That is my new favorite expression!)

(Feel free to blast them to your whole email address book! Imagine how many of your friends, even now, are desperately wishing someone, anyone, would send them a picture of a gecko, or a fine cocktail hat! YOU could be the person to help them realize that dream!)

~You can also leave a comment: It just takes a moment to create an account (it is free) and then you can add your two cents/praise/dismay or whatever after each blog. Your comment is emailed to me, and then I get to "allow" or not allow the comment to be posted.
Added bonus: you will then be signed up to make a blog for yourself any time you want. Knowing my readership, my mind just reels with the array of blog topics that this simple act could enable.

~The blog page shows my last 10 blogs on the side of the page.
But actually, ALL of them are still there. Going back to June 1, 2006.
If you click on the bottom archived title (usually mine either say Millinery or a date), then that blog will open and to its side will be ten more going back. If you are new reader, June 1 is my introduction page, and June 2 is my all time favorite so far.

~Top bloggers, those people who have lots and lots of people who read their blogs sometimes get contacted by publishing houses to have their blogs made into books.
(I'm rooting for "Dressaday" to become a book, she is a riot! and is in the top 10 of all blogs!).
If that ever happens to me, I will be sure to acknowledge each and everyone of my naggy "you should write a book" friends in the book.
But if you don't keep up with my blog, you won't be on the list.
At all.
So there.

And remember to cheer for my dear OSU Beavers to win college baseball tonight!

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