Thursday, December 11, 2014

Another generation

For years and years I received a mouse in my Christmas stocking. 

My children enjoyed playing with them each Christmas.
This year...another generation is playing with them and hearing the stories that go with them.  The mouse with the red bandana and striped hat is a Rail Road signal man.  Luke's great grandfather worked on the railway tracks in Idaho...that little mouse is to remember him.
The rocking chair that I rocked in as a preschooler eventually was enjoyed by my kids. I have a picture of our son in that tiny rocker; now I have a picture of his son playing in it too.

Froggie joined our Christmas fun about 15 years ago. If one presses his paw he croaks out Jingle Bells and other tunes. For some reason I have always found those croaky versions to be quite funny.
Luke gave Froggie quite a fast ride.
"Feeling queasy Froggie?"

"My chair Froggie!"

Little boys.  Playing rough comes naturally.  Glad the Froggie can take it!


Lorrie said...

The mouse collection is a great way to pass stories down to Luke. Love the way he "plays" with the toy monkey!

Anonymous said...

What fun to bring those toys back to life with the new generation!

Lovella ♥ said...

I'm remembering a post back in 2006 when we first connected in blogging where you posted about those fun little mice. It is wonderful now to see Luke enjoying them.
Great little photos of the rocking chair and the boy who owns it for this generation.

Rosella said...

Love the cute mice with wonderful stories for your Grandson! He is so adorable and your comments about Froggie are so comical!

Vee said...

I' m here looking for Peanut Chews...found'em! (I miscopied the recipe.) What fun to find Luke playing with toys you had and his father and auntie played with before him. Yes, boys like it rough and tumble best, for the most part...just the way God made them. Praying that you are enjoying a wonderful Advent season!