Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Rainbows and Splashy Memories

Tuesday was "one of those days"...with lots of minor irks and quirks and constant dreary rain.
Just about the time I had had it, the sun broke through and did some serious happy stuff.

This rainbow was right across the street from us!
(By "us" I mean Luke and me...I was doing my weekly one day of childcare with him.)

He just had socks on; I had my slippers on.
Oh well!
I scooped him up and my camera and raced outside for a better look.

I spent some time pointing to the WHOLE rainbow arching over our street.
He pointed and repeated bambo over and over again.

My next task was ringing our next door neighbor's door, so she and her three year old daughter could also see this.

The other end of the rainbow ended at the corner of their house, which is next to ours!

(And if you remember my dithering about buying a wide angle lens...yes, this was the moment when I did wish I had one handy to get the entire bow in in one shot.)

Wow wow wow.

After an all day rain the mountains sported a touch more snow and were seen through the crystal clear air.
I never get tired of seeing our Mt. Olympus!
Bonus post:
The Tuesday before was sunny and warm, warmer than usual for February.
*Someone* got to go swimming in our hot tub

First time since last summer.
I don't think he remembered that last swim.

His swim buddy Papa was with him both times.
(I think Papa and Luke enjoy the time in the water equally.)

A shared giggle...

Practice on being a boy...

(Every guy should know how to spit, right?
Well, maybe not, but still it is a lot of fun to learn.)

Oh how long those legs are getting.
Seeing him without winter bundle up is such a joy again!


ellen b. said...

Fun times! He's getting so big.

Vee said...

That was one seriously beautiful bambo. I've never seen one so amazing. Luke sure is getting tall and to say that he is very handsome goes without saying.

Lorrie said...

The colours in the rainbow are so intense. A really wondrous site. How quickly the little ones grow up. Luke is a real cutie. And every boy needs to learn how to spit. Girls, too, I think.

Judy said...

Beautiful...the rainbow! Worth 'knocking on doors' about.

Did you have a hot tub when we were there? We are trying to picture where it was. :)

Kathie said...

What a stunning rainbow!! Great shots! And your boys is getting so big. Such a happy time in the hot tub with Papa! Love Luke's grin.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

You did a great job capturing that rainbow. Oh for a wide angle lens! Luke is growing into such a handsome young man. It all goes by so quickly.

Julie said...

As phenomenal as those brilliant rainbow photos are ! I'm thinking your grandson is more phenomenal ! Grandpa and grandson -- how precious!

Kathy said...

Gorgeous rainbow shots Jill.
Looks like the boys have a whole lot of fun together.