Saturday, October 12, 2013

Family Time

Need help with technology like your new cell phone?
Conventional (modern) wisdom:
Ask a kid for  help.
"This new cell phone!  I can't figure it out!"  my visiting Mom said.

Mom: "Here comes a likely looking kid...wonder if he could help me out."

Luke: Let me take a look.

Luke: Oh yeah, I know this one.

Luke: You see, you just click this key and then scroll up...

Luke: Hit the right arrow key and then click end.

Luke: (I really don't understand why they have so much trouble with new phones and stuff. Just glad I am here to help Great Grandma out.)
Actually she was just having a hard time seeing the phone screen in the direct sunlight while she was attempting to take pictures with her new phone.
Luke didn't really help.

The out of town alternate sponsor grandparents were also in town for a visit this weekend.
We met up at Wheeler Farm, a historical farm property in town where there is a fantastic playground, farm animal to pet, and old time farm buildings and equipment to explore.
Group photo time!
Bernie got back in town too.
The menfolk.
After photo ops, it was off to see the farm animals.
Happy Thanksgiving weekend Canada.
He is glad he's a turkey in the USA right now...shhh...don't tell him about November here.

There were no Canada goose on the farm for some strange reason.
Oh wait.
Canada's Thanksgiving weekend.
They must have all gone home for the holiday.
The "regular" geese had the run of the place.

Geese and ducks had the run of the place, as well as a visiting (exactly) one and a half year old.

Dad can really make them water fowl move!

Dad can also help a boy reach a penned up farm animal too.


Farm animals faces...

These animals are so gentle.
Kids visit the farm all the time; they seem really good with small folk getting up close with them.

And then there was another awesome tractor!
Kids were lining up to sit on the tractor.

Three Chinese boys were having a blast pretending to steer the tractor.
The boy in the back was in tears; he wanted to drive!
Their mom spoke to them in Chinese: I would have enjoyed hearing how she was managing this sibling pecking order crisis.

Then it was Luke's turn.

Loving it!

Oh to be so young that such a simple thing as steering a parked tractor could produce such joy.

Or hugging a goat...

Wheeler Farm is photo op heaven.
Families were posing everywhere.
Rachel took advantage of a less popular setting. it brought back 30 year ago memories of potty training for her mom.
Everyone clap!

Having four generations together for an outing is such a blessing and was so much fun.

Luke said he could drive everyone home...

Mom listened to his offer.

Uh huh.
Learner's permit.

I think I will wait until you've have a bit more experience behind the wheel.
But thanks for offering!

She rode home with Bernie and me instead.
(Just kidding about Luke driving of course.  He is still a terrible driver so we make him ride strapped into the backseat in his regulation car seat.  For now anyway.)

Back at Jeff's house we sat outside in the  warm sunshine and watch the breeze blow leaves through the air.

The tiny pine cones were also shedding their pollen.

One touch and a cloud of yellow pollen released into the air.
Fall...falling pollen, falling leaves, whatever.
Quite a season here on the Planet isn't it?
Happy Autumn weekends everyone!


Marg said...

What a beautiful post of family coming together from all over. I loved the photos...
It's always interesting how grown adults love to enjoy the things through the eyes of the little one. Luke is the best.

ellen b. said...

It really is amazing how fast the little ones pick up all the latest technology! Fun post!

Vee said...

I knew it! No comment. (That iPad is eating way too many.) I very much enjoyed this generational story. And I do love the picture stories you are telling even if they have no basis in fact, writer's privilege, poetic license, blogger's prerogative, something. Your mother is such a pretty lady. Keep right on documenting...

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Dang! I had no idea iPads ate comments.

Rosella said...

Precious Family times!! It truly is a lovely season on this Planet - well said.

Lovella ♥ said...

Beautiful family post Jill. I can just see the love for your little Luke. He is just so cute and I never tire of seeing new photos of him.

Kathy said...

I enjoyed this post of your family. Your mom looked like she was filled with joy to be with her little great grandson and her kids and those between.

Lorrie said...

I think you're right about the Canada Geese. They were here in fine form over the weekend. Now that they've fattened up on grain (not turkey), perhaps they'll move on south.
Love the multi-generational family outing and Luke's wonderful ways with technology and driving. Surely he's a child prodigy. Just like our granddaughters.

Kathie said...

Such a lovely day for a 4 generation family outing. That doesn't happen too often - what a blessing!

Luke was having so much fun with all those animals , not to forget the tractor too - I think I need to take Josie to a farm :)

Judy said...

It sounds like you had the perfect Thanksgiving weekend. :) How fun to have everyone together. I'm thinking Luke is the center of attention these days!