Thursday, February 21, 2013

It would have been a LOVELY day....

Oh yes, we were cued up for Valentine's Day around here.
Bernie flew home from being gone a few days ready with gifts and cards.
I had our table set and the champagne cooled.
Then Luke's Valentine's gift arrived for me.
His mother got the same gift.
Stomach flu.
Ewww.Valentine's evening was spent uncomfortably with Luke's unwelcomed gift.
(He had come down with it two days before himself.)
The High Silver Tea?
It didn't stand a chance of happening.
Bernie promised he will take me out for High Tea at the Grand American Hotel soon to make up for it.
And since no good deed ever seems to go unpunished (ahem, I exaggerate) Bernie himself then got his belated gift of flu a few days later.
Today is the first day in a week where food has been consumed without caution and energy levels have returned to a sort of reasonable level.

Well, there's always next year right?

(Collage: My Rhodora Lenox china, circa 1950's,  from my grandmother with matching fuchsia goblets, an antherium plant gift from Bernie, the unworn hat and gloves and the little Valentine's Day bears who did wear their hats anyway.)
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Grandma G said...

Oh, ick. Bummer. Phooey. :(

Glad you're all feeling better! Enjoy making up for lost time! :)

Lorrie said...

Unfortunately, I know EXACTLY what you've gone through. Except I ate Valentine's Dinner and wished I had not. That flu made its way like wildfire through 9 members of our family in one week.
I'm still eating tentatively, although I'm hungry for the first time in a week. That's a good sign.
Glad you are all feeling better.

Dolores said...

You could always celebrate another day. Sorry to hear the bug got to you. It's visiting my Luc, his mom and his dad. They are on the other side of the country so we are safe - so far.

Question: is there a pattern for the hat you are wearing in your profile pic?

Judy said...

Awww. Sorry your well-laid plans got derailed! Looking forward to your post on your belated 'high tea' at the Grand American Hotel...coming soon, I'm sure.

ellen b. said...

Oh sorry things turned out that way for you all. UGH! Glad things are looking better now...

RoeH said...

The only thing that's nice about that flu for me is ya' get to lose seven pounds. Which comes back very fast.

Vee said...

Oh no. That is just awful. I hate when flu interrupts life's greatest anticipations. Well, Bernie is a saint and I do hope that you get to High Tea soon and don't forget the camera and just give it to Bernie because I want to see you wearing that outfit. I hope that Luke and his mother and everybody is feeling a whole lot better.

Rosella said...

Oh no - that's too bad. Sounds like the worst is over and you're all on the mend thank goodness. So far that gift hasn't arrived over here although I know it's in the area. Your collage is beautiful and I too am looking forward to seeing some pics of your anticipated High Tea - what fun! Take good care - and thanks for your info on the benefits of an Epsom Salt soak!!