Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alaska Travelog: Reading and Receiving

I have always enjoyed taking books with me on vacation.
About twenty years ago I started chosing my vacation reading to be fiction about where I was going.
This trip I finally identify that I specifically enjoy non-fiction short stories about the place that I am visiting.
(Hint: Walk up to your favorite librarian and ask for the call number of non-fiction short stories about where ever  you are going.)
Both Bernie and I really, really enjoyed Alaska Passages.Stories written by people who live in Alaska; stories that made us think, or laugh or cry.
Even if you are not heading to Alaska, this book is a winner!

Another short story collection, The Way Winter Comes taught us a lot about hunting and Alaska wildlife.
I find that the short story format works well on vacation because I tend to begin a book and then hunker down and reading the book cover to cover in one long haul.
With a short story I get a complete story in six to twelve pages.
Perfect sized stories for reading during a break in the day or before lights out.

This book on the other hand was not technically a collection of short stories, but the author tells true stories about her life in Haines Alaska in each chapter.
She is a spiritual Christian east coast raised liberal woman, and while I didn't see eye to eye with her on some of her views, I think she would be the kind of neighbor that anyone could appreciate.

Bernie's cousin's husband Brian offered to give us a LOT of fish (that he had caught).
The cod, salmon, halibut, ling cod, and rock fish steaks were packed frozen into a cooler (along with some moose steaks from a moose he had hunted) and we had it all shipped home to us.

Bernie and his little supervisor unpacking the fish...

Oh yum!

A week later I had mastered microwave, pan fried and deep fat fried fish recipes.
I am still not tired of fish!

Thank you Brian!!!
You are a peach!
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ellen b. said...

Now that's quite the package and a very nice reminder of your time in Alaska!!

Mary Martha said...

I have really enjoyed all of your travelogue. I have been to Alaska several times (planning my trip for next summer) and it is a wonderful place. It's always fun to see a favorite place through someone elses eyes (added bonus - fishing isn't my thing so without your posts I never would have known about that).

I am with you about the non-fiction short story collections for travel destinations. O'Reilly used to produce a series called 'Travelers Tales' that were all WONDERFUL.

Travelers Tales: Nepal is perhaps my favorite non fiction book ever. I could read it again and again and I have never even been to Nepal.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I can never concentrate long enough to read a book when I am traveling...so these short story formats sound like the perfect solution!

That's a lot of fish (and moose)!

RoeH said...

I used to move around quite a bit when I was married and we followed the Air Force around the US. I would read about every town's history that I lived it. It made it so much more interesting to live in those places.

Vicki said...

What a nice way to extend your vacation!

I love short stories and I love Alaska - I'll check out those books. I hope my little-bitty library can get them.

The third one, about life in Haines, is one I've heard of, or perhaps read part of, but I can't remember when...or why...??

Judy said...

I love the idea of reading books that are set in the location of your travels! Oh...and the idea of having souvenirs shipped home to enjoy later:)

Lovella ♥ said...

wow...where have I been? Not reading blogs..that is for sure. I just love that cooler full of fish and meat. Wow...what a great way to remember your trip, meal by meal.
There is nothing better than reading on vacation. I'm glad you found some good reads.