Monday, March 26, 2012

Out like a Lion...and a Queasy Breakfast

Sunday was warm...over 70 degrees.
Monday we awoke to lightening and thunder...wind and hail!
Trash bins were blown over all over the neighborhood.

The sound of the hail rattling on my freshly washed windows made it clear this was NOT snow.

The wind sounds were impressive as well.

I made a cup of espresso and settled in to watch the storm at its best.
(Our south facing kitchen window beneath a wide over hang rarely gets a direct hit by rain. It was fated to happen today...not only had I washed this window this weekend, my car got washed and our son washed all the windows in his house in preparation for a visitor.  Yeah...of course the weather would throw everything it had at us after all that work!)

The wind was whirling the finch feeder about but one finch was determined to get his breakfast in anyway.

Back and forth and round and round he clung to his perch and plucked out one thistle seed at a time.
I had to get a video of this scene... 
(Warning: I got a little queasy watching this.  It is only 44 seconds though so if the bird can manage to hang on, perhaps so can you!)
The other feeder had its usual breakfast club going full bore despite being pounded by the hail/sleet/snow mixture.
March came in like a lamb...
and looks like  it is going out like a lion.


Dolores said...

What hale and hearty little birds. No pun intended with the homonym. At least you had a feeling of accomplishment in getting the windows and the car washed - short-lived though it was.

Vee said...

Oh that nasty stuff is coming this way. The street cleaners were by this morning to get the sand out of the street so they can plow Thursday. Ugh.

Got too queasy to watch, but I definitely understand that it was a humdinger of a storm.

That little baby must be about here...any day now?

ellen b. said...

Oh my that was quite the storm! We had a trash can thrower last Tuesday! Wouldn't ya know it was just after the window washings....
Batten down the hatches!!

Vicki said...

That was one hungry and/or determined finch! My tummy wouldn't have been up to eating after swaying like that!

One trip is behind us and another one is coming up this weekend. March 29th is still looking good to me (since we're celebrating our little one's third birthday!) does it look to young Luke? :)

Judy said...

Batten down the right! What happened to 'out like a lamb'?