Monday, June 04, 2012

Strollering through the Neighborhood

The sidewalk were I walked my baby dolls in a stroller when I was five.
And walked my real live baby dolls in strollers when they were small.
And now...I trail behind my my son and husband watching my grandbaby being pushed along the same sidewalk in a modern day stroller.
The trees have grown taller.
There are two story houses in the neighborhood now.
The house I grew up in is just three houses down from this photo; you can just get a small glimpse of my Dad's blue van parked just beyond the silver grey sedan in line with Jeff's head.

As we walk, all of us share memories.
We point out how houses have been remodeled and how front yards have been re-landscaped.

New front doors and light fixtures catch our eyes.

Star jasmine covered fences fill the air with an early summer perfume.
(And don't you love that front screen door on this beachy cottage?) 

This walk is the walk home from the beach that we took after Luke was dipped in the Pacific ocean.
Kites flew overhead in the unseasonably warm air.

We admired the way some houses have created a courtyard with interesting locking doors being used as gates.

A red door...set off by red saliva and begonia.
Those palm trees next to the front window are probably going to be a problem in a few years though.
(We can always tell which house are owned by people that are not from around here...San Diego/La Jolla that is. They always plant palm trees near their foundations as soon as they can, thinking the little palm trees are just so tropical and lovely.  I wonder how they manage to not notice the same kind of palm tree towering several stories above them all over the neighborhood!)

Likewise we can tell which homeowners understand local ecology.
A planting of succulents is a colorful water saving great idea. 

The succulents even bloom if there is still a desire for flowers.

Wispy grasses that gleam in the sunlight and require no mowing is also a great choice.
Less yard work, more beauty year around!

The flaming Coral trees were in bloom while we visited.
Often the flowers bloom on the tips of the branches before the tree produces leaves.
The tree looks like it is shooting flames when that happens, especially in the early morning and evening when the sun shines through the finger shaped blossoms.
I just noticed the palm tree heavy with orange dates in the back ground.
Funny how no one in the neighborhood ever tries to bag the dates and harvest them like they do out in the desert areas. 

Isn't this an interesting looking plant?
It was about two feet tall.
Wonder how big it will get?

This succulent was stunning, don't you agree?

The crown was the size of a large serving plate.
The sun streaming through the fleshy leaves was marvelous.

So of course...

I just could not...

stop taking pictures!

Several kinds of eucalyptus trees grown on my home street.
The red blossoming type always draws bees.
Those same bees will chase you if you happen to be sucking on a root beer flavored Popsicle while you are walking under the tree.
(I learned that fact at a very young age...I was around six at the time, and had to re-learn that lesson several times as I grew up!)

I have racked my not remember a pink blooming eucalyptus tree while I growing up, and yet I know it is as old as the red one.
Hmmm....must ask Mom about that to see if she has some insight on that blank.

And another succulent whose fat rosy lobes just beg to be touched.
So shiny.
I rarely resist touching!
To be continued....


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I love that walk. On this rainy day here in BC I crave putting on short and flip flops and walking down sidewalks. It is so interesting the things I miss from living in town. I miss walking on sidewalks.

One day!

Lovella ♥ said...

I pressed publish too soon. :)
I smiled at your knowledge of the people who are new to the area and those who are ambitious to plant palm trees. I also am always amazed when we visit areas where date trees are that the dates are just waiting to be picked. I'm always so tempted.
Love all the succulents and the photos of the doors and of course of your guys walking with the stroller.

Judy said...

What a beautiful place to go strollering. (Did spell-check like that word?) Thanks for taking us along on your little walk in the sunshine. It felt good!

Dolores said...

That first photo looks just like a postcard. Beautiful shots of the neighbourhood.

ellen b. said...

What a great deja vu walk through the neighborhood.

Vee said...

A very interesting walk and talk about native plants. That large succulent was absolutely amazing and so beautiful. I'd love to be able to grow such a beauty, but she'd rot here.

Now I'd really like to have a rootbeer popsicle. I've not thought of those in many years.

Julie said...

So amazing, Jill.. how different vegetation can be from my world ! The flaming Coral tree and the succulent with the sun shining through it -- simply breathtaking !
But.. I'm a little surprised that even though your photos are gorgeous, how could they compete with the little grandson? Did he not outshine them all ?

Janice Haney said...

I enjoyed the walk with your family. I especially loved the photos of the succulents since that seems to be about all I can grow, it gave me some good ideas.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hi Jill. While I've never lived on that street nor visited anyone there, I do recognize it as well as the hill looming up in the distance. The Musician and I have stayed in the big hotel on the corner by the gas station more than once. And, in the other direction, as you know, is the aquarium just waiting to be visited! Maybe when Luke is a bit older....

Your photos are marvelous. I love the hint of magenta on the tips of the succulent "leaves" that you couldn't stop photographing.

Ah, California! It really is a kind of paradise in so many ways.