Thursday, February 23, 2012

Red Butte in Winter

Walking around Red Butte Garden...the wisteria trellis over head sure looks bare compared to how it looks in summer.

The whole place looks bare, but it challenges me to look closer for signs of life and coming spring time.

Traces of snow on the hillsides and yet I think I see a hint of green too.
A handful of moving flowers...I mean children...scamper about adding some color to the garden.

Shiny black seeds linger in spent pods overhead.


The budding leaves and perhaps flowers are just past the embryotic stage... 


Dry lingering pods serve as reminders of a summer past.

Better in color...

Or black and white?
(I like the color myself...)

Since moving to Utah I have become a huge fan of colorful branches that add energy to dull winter gardens.
The golden yellow moss is nice too...

Future lilacs...
The wispy structures on this tree...totally different than anything I have ever seen before.  The whole tree had the fuzzy whip like forms attached to pod like structures on the branches.

Any color found in the garden is worthy of a picture right now.

Even in a winter garden I find reasons to get involved in dirt.
When you love to garden...dirt happens!


Lovella ♥ said...

I love the photos and it seems that your gardens there are about at the same stage as ours. The magnolia buds begin to swell so early.
I am wondering if the bright coloured cones are a type of Sumac tree. We have them here as well.

Given the choice of black and white or color...I always choose color.

Vee said...

Color. Always color for me. You found a lot of color on a February day. And I like the description of children as flowers. Is that last photo sumac fronds? They are so rich in color.

Judy said...

Great the Utah winter garden!