Thursday, January 12, 2012

Napping room

Why is it that the folks who distain window views always get the window seats in offices and on planes? And why do they also presume to assume blind control over windows that are beyond their assigned space? (and no...glare isn't an issue here). Windows with closed blinds in the morning hours always makes me think of sickrooms and elderly people who fear strangers would be looking in with evil intent. I think my co-work has plotted as well. A sign is posted in that cube space instructing visitors that a noise cancelling headset is in use, and to please tap on a shoulder to initiate conversation. Let's see...closed blinds, and reason to be inattentive. I'd call that a perfect set up for creating an employer sponsored napping room. (For me a view out a window is like water and air to my soul. Why those who dislike windows get them, and those who like windows don't get them is part of what makes work space assignments so bewildering).


Lovella ♥ said...

I'm like you. I can't bear closed windows. That would drive me nuts. Have you asked? Is it too bright against the computer screen?

Even at night...our blinds are open. Mind you...we don't worry much about chickens looking in our windows.

OH..and you asked about the chickens getting up...the lights are set for their wake up call and they can get laying early.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Computer screen glare: not an issue!

Does the chicken's wake up alarm come with snooze option? No? Wait until the animal rights folk hear about this!

Vee said...

Offer to switch! I go bonkers in windowless rooms and have on one occasion turned down a job that involved one.

Vicki said...

I'm just claustrophobic enough that I cannot bear to be in a completely closed-up room. If I can't see outside, even just a tiny window, I lose my focus and begin to concentrate on that missing element...and that takes care of any attention I'm supposed to be giving a project or task. Pretty soon, all I can tell you is that I'm going crazy because I can't see outside! (If you cannot see outside your four walls, does that mean that outside ceases to exist? I'm flashing back to my philosophy classes! That which you cannot see does not exist except in your mind...)

I lived for a year in this house with no covering of any type over that huge window facing the fairway. Even when we decided to put something over the window, we went with sheers. I can still see outside. Perhaps the golfers and the sandhill cranes can see inside, too, but that's okay with me!

I suspect you're right. Someone is taking advantage of the darkness and quiet and catching some Zs.

RoeH said...

Once I was on a plane. I always fight for the window seat because I love to watch the earth. So a movie starts and everybody closed their little window except me. A passenger complained. A flight attendant asked me to close it because the movie was on whereupon I told him that I had paid the exact $$$$ for my flight and seat and I chose not to watch the movie because I loved to look out the window. Even the clouds. So he went back to the complainer who threw me a rotten look and he moved her to another seat.