Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Maybe you will be able to catch what my new job is by looking at the picture below...
I am supervising the program which is designed to serve the rural and under served communities; places with populations too small to be able to fund a building to house a l*brary.

My third day on the job was my first time out in the field with one of our teams.

One of the stops for this county's routes.

Inside the bo*km*bile

The kids visiting with the moms were so cute.  I blurred the faces to protect their privacy.

We serve rural and under served communities.
So far there is no official finding on serving cats though.
Outside there was this kitten....

And this one too. 
Both were quite happy to be picked up and purred contentedly.
It had snowed the night before and was COLD outside despite the sunshine and blue skies.

Maybe rural cats need to be served too?

Maybe we need to have a new motto...something about cats starting here...

Was it the books or the heater that the cat was most interested in?

Had to be the takes time and thought to figure out just the right book to borrow.
This cat took his time.

 I will be supervising several teams in several counties.

Our lunch stop: The Navajo tacos were delicious!

Do you think attending a rural school with a school bell still atop the building would be nice?
I do...

The drive back to HQ.
First two days on the new job were mostly spent getting orientations to our facility and programs.
I was quite happy to get out of the office and go into the field to meet one of our bo*km*bile teams on day 3.  Couldn't have asked for a prettier day either!

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Vee said...

Looks like such a fun job, Jill. You'll have to let us know. I'm glad that you get to be out and about enjoying your beautiful state.

Lovella ♥ said...

We are both most impressed with the size of your bo*k m*bile. Amazing. I love the outside of it and the inside. .(pardon me for being so daft) ..but looks just like a real l*brary. Amazing.

Oh Jill. You are perfect for this job and now. .we just need to get you driving. I'm on it!
Thanks for sharing!!

Vicki said...

I'm so glad to see photos of what you'll be doing. I remember as a child living in a rural part of our state how excited we'd be when the "specially-equipped bus" would come around every two weeks. I was such a bo*kw*rm. :)

ellen b. said...

Congrats! Oh the excitement I had way back in the day when I got to choose new books from these "libraries" Looks like you are having fun.

ellen b. said...

Oops I think I blew it so just delete my comment...

Judy said...

That sounds like a fun job to that includes field trips! I attended a brand new rural elementary school for two years (back in the day) with no library...and we loved the mobile book rack that was brought in from the public library. A book-mobile would be wonderful!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

That is some beautiful country you drove through...You are right of course--cats know good b*ks when they find them! Cats and b*ks just go together. I'm glad you are serving the cats as well :o)