Wednesday, October 05, 2011


The winds are strong and the temperatures are falling at last.
Each day I yearn to be out in the forests, breathing the unique seasonal scents of leaf mulch, smoke and water.
Just before sunset yesterday I made another drive up Mill Creek Canyon.
The lone aspen that was glowing yellow against the deep conifers at the top of the canyon on Saturday had already turned bare in less than three days.
What else had I missed seeing since then?
Autumn glides silently down the mountains, blazing a new yet ancient trail of color that I am eager to follow.

A week from now this yellow gold will be gone...
The darkness of deep green trees are a perfect foil for the exuberant yellow aspen.

I note with regret that the pine bark beetles have already taken their toll here.
How long will it be that the dark green trees will no longer stand in the aspen groves?
Will I look back at these photos and tell another generation about how autumn used to look before they were born?

The white leaves are lingering longer this year.  I must learn if such a tree could be planted in our future Japanese garden in our lower yard.  It would make for a stunning addition I think.

Care to go for a picnic?
The sign points out the way.
I thought of my weiner roasting friends to the north and wished we could all enjoy a time around a bonfire here.

I do cherish the fact that our autumn includes the full color spectrum just about where ever I look.

Mill  Creek has so many walking trails.
I could spend days exploring each one.

For now I explore mostly from my car, driving the main road and pulling over to shoot pictures out the car window.
When it is rainy, such explorations are a wiser choice, camera safety wise.

This and the previous picture of around Log Haven were taken especially for
Andrew and Katie  P.
Happy memories!

As I mentioned earlier it was raining a bit on this meander.
As I was finishing my drive back down the canyon the sun broke through and being very close to sunset, put an extra special glow on this grove.

The rock spine topped mountain street view taken just a block from home.

And speaking of home....

My living room accents are now shifted to co-ordinate with the view out our window.
The serene photo of clouds reflecting in a oh so blue Colorado pond that was over our mantle all summer has been replaced with the heart in the trees photo I took last Saturday.
It was so hard to decide which photo to use, but the "Hidden Secret Heart" photo won out in the end.

I have called several houses "home" during my 34 years of marriage.
In my opinon, each of them looked their very best when they were decorated for autumn.
In December the houses looked so exceptional when decorated for Christmas, but the autumn months...well...cozy homey feelings reigned.
(I have a new footstool now: It was added last weekend after a "duh!" moment when I realized that the Ikea poang chair footstool came in the same fabric as my living room furniture...and the wood would match my end tables..and it was super light weight and easy to move around. Three took three. whole. years. for that "ah HA!" moment to arrive!)

Some of my past homes I graced with elaborate fall decorations.
In this home a few simple changes suffice.
I made the decision a while ago to attempt to limit my seasonal changes to mostly botanical matters that would not require much packing up or storing away later.
While I miss my years with a carved mahogany mantel with an antique crochet mantel scarf and loads of candles and leaves and such...
And my Texas white painted mantels with antique gold framed mirrors and ceramic items completing the display...
Here I have fall all around me outside and have less need to create an autumn as I did in season less San Diego and Houston.
I am satisfied to keep my decorating simple...I do add a bit more for Thanksgiving time.
At the height of fall splendor, I don't want to be inside decorating for autumn, I want to be outside enjoying every minute of real autumn as possible!

A few silvery tin inexpensive but charming  (and useful!) year around..
One tiny pumpkin...
A variegated pepper plant doing its best to mimic an autumnal forest all by itself...

A small bouquet from the garden and a yellow speckled houseplant next to a votive candle holder filled with colorful seasonal candy.
(It is sure a lot less tempting to swoop up a full handful of those candy treats when they are displayed in such a small container!)

I found a new "Bernie" sized throw at my favorite store last week.
Being  6' 3" means most throws either don't cover the feet or the shoulders for him.
No one should have to make that kind of choice don't you think?
(The pillows are my spring/summer/fall pillows. I do have a different cover for the winter season.)

Here is my cozy place where I sneak off to when I wish to meet with my Lord.
The book "Jesus Calling" is an amazing devotional that was given to me as a gift.
(Thanks Mom...I love you!)
Early morning...and sometimes again during the day when I am is the place where I relax and share my heart in prayer.

As promised...the view at the end of our street...week 2.
Each week I see the season unfold, see the colors blazing down to the valley.
I am counting the weeks.
Seeing the seasons...noting the changes that are gradually coming about.
Rejoicing over secret joys that are for now hidden in my heart.
To be continued....


ellen b. said...

Ahh thanks for the photos for Katie and Andrew. Things are really looking cozy inside and outside your home!

Vee said...

Your living room looks wonderful. I could cheerfully plunk myself down there and enjoy my time chatting with you about blogging or taking photos or adult kids or anything.

The photo you selected to frame looks perfect there. What a nice way to decorate with things that really matter to you at this point in your life. (I like the idea of not having to store a lot of things.)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It's looking very beautiful here on your blog and also in your home. I love your new fall decor...all my own favorite colors too!

Vicki said...

Cozy, warm, and oh-so inviting! We'd love to be sitting beside your fireplace with you and Bernie right now!

Judy said...

You have me realizing that things look pretty bleak inside this home...not too many touches of fall just yet. I think I need to fix that!

I love your fall photo over the mantle! It all looks most inviting over there.