Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bragging really...

So many bloggers are posting their local fall colors now.
I love that everyone is getting color now (well, except for Lovella for some reason....)
It is wonderful that everyone is sharing what fall has brought to their area.
I want to share too...OK...brag actually.
In an attempt to be humble, I will save the most stupendeous color shots for last.
Last weekend Bernie and I noodled around the local areas to see what the colors were up to.
First stop had a small stream that Bernie wanted to try, while I hiked about ten minutes up the trail above it.
The trail has been used for many reasons over time, and I suspect the Mormons were simply following an old Indian trail or deer trail when they came through in the 1840's.
It does add an extra thrill to the hike imagining how it would have been for a pony express rider pelting along the trail way back when.
I imagine not much has changed over time really.

You need to imagine this scene with the scent of warm fallen leaves and the sounds of the stream running below.

Bernie was having a blast catching enormous trout while I was hiking along. 

Snow capped mountains in the distance are an added plus, view wise.

The trail looks quite lonely, actually runners and bikers were out having a go at the trail too.

Long ago I saw a made for television movie series where the pioneers were traveling through dense forests.  A young girl wandered off the trail just a bit...and was lost forever in the wood.
I could see how this could happen.
It happens quite often around here even today, even with experienced outdoorsmen.

The way the trail heads to the peak...I think that was a navigation point for early trail breakers.

We drove up the imaginatively named "East Canyon", twisting and turning and ohh and ahhing as we went.
Bikers and motorcyclist and folks with convertible cars were really enjoying the scenery.

I never get tired of the puzzle pieced effect of fall colors on a hillside.

Other hillsides look like they have been created via a tabby weave; straight lines of colors spill down as if The Weaver had endless colors to choose from.
This sunny scene was so windy I clung to a pole to take this shot!

Utility wire cleared areas add to the visual complexity of the scene.

A convertible or a motorcyle would be too fast, and a bike would be too hard to pedal.
A walk would be out of the question with the high altitude and narrow roadside.
I have decided that a Segway would be the ideal way to take in this drive!
If only it was would be this photographer's dream come true.

East Canyon spills out into a nearly forestless area.
The brilliant yellows of a few trees and low bushes make for a lovely monochromatic scene.

This car was across the street from the yellow trees.
I had to laugh at the car that seemed placed just to its best advantage colorwise.

As usual, an old tree and a fence makes the picture happen.

A contented black cow no longer awed by the blast of yellow aspens up on the hill above his pasture.

The golden hay in the shed is probably more exciting to this horse than all that far away hillside gold.

Bernie got in some more fishing.

Fall colors are everywhere!

Hunting season is open, and one can never be too careful.
No chance someone is going to be accidently shooting at Bernie's feet with those Crocs on!

I waited and watched from the stile.

When it got dark, Bernie quit fishing and took over my camera.

Do I look happy?
Nothing "glam" in terms of clothes or make-up.
Even my hair is messy.
Yes...this is me at my happiest.
This is exactly how I wanted my life to be, outdoors, comfortable and carefree.

The next morning Bernie flew out...
I had heard Lamb's Canyon's colors were spectacular.
We had hoped to make that drive during our time together, but couldn't quite squeeze it in.
Lamb's is on the way to Park City, a mere fifteen minutes from our house.
Since it is a very narrow canyon with few places to park along the way, I rarely go there for photography.
Judging from what I saw this trip, I had missed some serious photo shooting opportunities before.
Pick a color...any color...

Bernie later told me that people seated by him in the airplane had asked what all the colors were down below.
"Aspen", he told them.
He explained the way that it is in Utah's autumn.
We laughed as the first time I had flown to Colorado from California in October I had wondered the same thing.
Had decided the  colors were fields of California poppies; they had created the only blazing fields I had ever seen up until then.
My friend Gail was the one to introduce me to the truth about fall colors in our area.
Sometimes the fall colors amidst the evergreens look like a fire is blazing away.
You can see that kind of look in the hillsides above the end of the roadway.

This year's colors have lasted longer than I have ever recalled despite the early heavy snows. the higher elevations the showing of colors are drawing to an end.

My car's sun roof served me well to take a shot of an abandoned wasps nest overhead.

There was not place to pull over...I just stopped in the middle of road, glad it was on a straight stretch and took the shot through the roof opening!

That cabin...oh those lucky folks living in that cabin right now!
(The rest of the year I don't think I would find their perch quite so appealing as the canyon is mostly snow right up until late July).
Interior designers harp about the need for black in a room to both ground the space and accent the room's color.
Seeing the glowing colors placed on the black tree structure, I think they have learned a truth from nature.
(Even the white barked aspens have slashes of black that serves to intensify the golden leaves around it).
Fall has come down the mountain now, and is swirling around neighborhood gardens in the valley.
Driving anywhere in town is most difficult; I get so distracted by the huge trees in old neighborhoods that are gleaming against blue skies.
Now red Virginia creepers are tangling elaborately through the trees that don't turn color.
Oh it is a feast for the eyes all around.
How clever of God to make Fall colors reveal themselves in stages.
How sweet is the season that colorfully blasts and lasts right up until the time of Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Another lovley blog, Jill. We enjoyed it so much. God's paint brush is amazing! Thank you. Love, mom S.

Anonymous said...

Another lovley blog, Jill. We enjoyed it so much. God's paint brush is amazing! Thank you. Love, mom S.

ellen b. said...

Beautiful Jill! You really have a lot to brag about! :0)

Vee said...

Well no wonder you're all grins! Was that poor girl changing a tire out there? Her car really did look pretty with all that foliage for backdrop.

Judy said...

Beautiful, brilliant colour! The car, shoes and sweatshirt seemed to fit in quite nicely.

Lovella ♥ said...

I am so terribly jealous of your beautiful scenery. I would rather be driving down those gorgeous roads that sitting on the beach in hawaii right now ...and that is usually my favorite spot!!

Your photos are gorgeous and I love the orange ..everywhere.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I'm remembering last year. Thank you for the trip through autumn's rainbows in your part of the world!

pam said...

Good heavens I'm glad I finally got the link to open for me from Lovella's page. You have a lot of gorgeous pictures posted here.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Wow!!! I never would have left such beauty. I know I was made for the Fall of the year, but I must admit, I never saw Fall like you have shared here. I loved every picture! You looked great with your orange and green. You do seem to fit in perfectly with nature's finest. The wasp nest is amazing. I am so thankful that I visited you this evening.

Vicki said...

Your gorgeous photos are definitely a welcome sight for my weary eyes. Thank you for sharing, Jill.

Marg said... won the contest...some of us not only enjoy the fall colors, but we also like sitting on the beach in HA at the same time...
Thanks for a wonderful tribute to our Creator!!!!

Kathy said...

I'm in luvvvv with those do have bragging rights!