Friday, April 29, 2011

Answered prayer

Am I the only one who noticed Kate's lovely sleeved gown is a match for the classic iconic Grace Kelly wedding gown?
My prayers are answered: The strapless wedding gown is dead...long live long lace sleeves and modesty!

We are still in So. Utah, having a fabulous time. Just peeked at the wedding and all the hats.
Zany hats...the UK milliners need to sober up!


Vee said...

I actually like Kate's gown much better than Grace's. I agree...modesty is a lovely thing. You, you? You didn't enjoy the hats?

ellen b. said...

We thought of you a few times as we saw all those hats! One of my friends commented that they must have a Minister of silly hats in Britain :0)
loved the wedding dress and one of the commentators mentioned Grace Kelly...

Kathie said...

I was wondering what you would think of the hats - especially Princess Beatrice's. Very strange!

The gown was elegant!

Julie said...

I thought of your as I stayed up to watch the wedding last night - I knew you would be enjoying all the hats!!
And I agree with you about the wedding dress style FINALLY moving away from the strapless! Kate's dress was perfect! Beautiful! I love that the lace was secretly made in France with not even the lace makers knowing who it was for , although they hoped! smiled

Judy said...

Lovely and elegant...the bride and her gown! As for the hats...I am about to settle in for a more in-depth viewing than the highlights I have watched to this point. I'll let you know what I think of the hats.

Lovella ♥ said...

No. .you are not the only one. .noticed a Grace look alike immediately.
It was not a surprise that she had sleeves since it is a requirement for the gown.
I thought she was just beautiful!

I did love the lace. I thought she was just gorgeous.

I've had about 10 minutes of uninterrupted viewing today and am looking very forward to settling in for a long private time with my recorded version.

Vicki said...

I loved Kate's gown...lace, long-sleeeves, tasteful simplicity, veil...and her request that guests wear hats. I agree that the British milliners suffered a lapse of good judgment. A friend observed that Eugenie and Beatrice looked as if they came from Whoville. I tend to agree. ;)

La Tea Dah said...

Yes, the hats were outrageous! I agree that the milliners need to take some tips on appropriate hat attire! I was also glad to see sleeves on Kate's wedding gown. I have been tired of strapless gowns for a long time now. It seems like it's a fashion that came and stayed for WAY too long. They are quite boring --- not much detail.