Friday, January 21, 2011

Everyone needs a hobby. I dibs bird watching.

Lookie at who's back in town!

And from the looks of that tattooed like pattern on his red breast, I'm thinking it is Baby Raw from last summer.
He's all grown up and ready to rock back in his old 'hood for sure.

The year around residents didn't seem to pay Baby Raw much mind.

In fact, the new "lace curtain" addition to their regular breakfast nook seems to have caused everyone in the area to do a special drop by.

Even the goldfinch, who have their very own feeder with their very own special thistle grain mix have stopped by to check out the artistic drapery.

All the bird traffic led to another kind of traffic outside as well.
Tate has declared that if Mila can be outside, then so can he.
(Ever since the Mila's snow adventure post, Tate has been racing to get out the door, despite our policy of no outdoor time for kittens until they are old enough to stay in the yard.)
As I went back inside, Tate raced out, and was immediately joined by Frenchie for some morning bird watching au fresco.

Apparently sitting right beneath a bird feeder isn't working for their bird watching intents.
They craned their necks through the railing, and I could almost hear them calling out:

 "Here birdie birdie birdies...come and get your birdie food!"

Then Tate had a brilliant idea:  He could sort of blend in, and still be up close to any bird coming to either bird feeder!

I had to commend Tate on his ingenuity. 
After letting him hang there on the railing for a few moments, I scooped him up and brought him back inside.  Frenchie had ambled off to explore other parts of the garden, and I let her go about her business as a responsible grown up cat.

Back inside, with Tate for the first time in his life squeaking in protest at the door, I resumed my tea cup and camera in hand bird watching position.
No birds... no birds.  
Hart is now out there.

(Hart: Here birdie birdie birdie.  Come visit me! Nice birdie birdie!)
I know it is true: everyone needs a hobby.
I just don't think that all of us here need the exact same hobby.
And I don't think I am the one who should be making a change either.


Kathie said...

Definitely a favourite hobby around here!

I really love it although I couldn't be called a serious "birder" - my brother is though. Any questions about birds I send to him. He hasn't failed me yet.

Mila has to be carried out - she doesn't like the feel of snow on her feet :)

Marg said...

This is too funny...I come from the country for my entire life and just don't get hobbies that include animals. But it's interesting how many bloggers have posted about birds this week...I can't believe it.
Cats and birds? Yes they are all creatures made from God....but what's with me?
I'm itching to strap on my skis and streamline down the hill....Maybe Bernie would join me.

ellen b. said...

Boy you've really had some nice company. Double dibs on bird watching!! :o)

RoeH said...

See grape answer on my comments. :)

And I could just kiss those precious cats of yours right on the lips!

Purrfect Haven said...

thank you so much for visiting and for giving me the link - super. Helen x

Vicki said...

♫ I'm-a bird watcher, I'm-a bird watcher...watching birds fly, oh my. ♪

Oops. I think I have the words wrong to that song. No matter, I'd rather watch birds any ol' day...and watch cats watching birds! :)