Thursday, November 04, 2010

Oh the horror!!!

I went for a walk to Temple Square yesterday.
Tate is expressing my feelings about what I saw just perfectly in the picture above.

This is what I saw there.


Oh come isn't even the middle of November yet.
Bitsy agrees. Christmas trees up NOW? That's just wrong. (Tongue out to say "Bleah".)
In other news: Bernie got his birthday rhubarb pie. I'll be his age in six month. He says 57 ain't so bad. I hope he is right.
Autumn is in full color downtown now. I've decided I want this kind of tree in our back yard when the time comes to replace our ash tree.
And the baby quails around the neighborhood are almost all grown up.
One quail has decided that scratching and pecking on the ground is a lot of work.
He just hops up on the bird feeder and helps himself while his siblings and parents are down below doing the traditional style quail seed foraging.
Nice to see genius at work isn't it?
That's about as exciting as it gets around here.
I am REFUSING to haul out the Christmas decorations just to liven things up!
Well, actually, there is one little bit of excitement to share.
(Aside from the goings on of the kittens...everything is exciting to them.)
I need a little more time to get to the place where I can share the news.
I think it is something that we all are going to enjoy here on the blog!


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh exciting news coming up? Oh. .I can't wait ..I love secrets.
Yes. .this year with my home tour for Christmas long past. .I will keep to my Christmas decorating beginning the first weekend in the December.

Vicki said...'re keeping us in suspense? I don't wait very patiently, you know. ;)

The pest control guy just left here and he said he came from one of his customers' homes this morning and she already had her tree up and it and the house were totally decorated! I just put out some Autumn decorations yesterday! (It's raining and thundering here today.)

Dolores said...

Ahem, yes, it is way too early for the Christmas decorations. I agree with your kitties. Pretty soon, they will be starting the Christmas decorating before Hallowe'en - or right after school starts in Sept. Horrors!!

Vee said...

My mother just told me that she is putting up my niece's tree week. She's going through all the ornaments and organizing niece bought her grandparents' home and has inherited a lot. Okay then, I thought it was a bit early, but in that case. ;>

Your news sounds exciting...

I had no idea that I was roughly, more or less, maybe your age. (I thought you were a lot younger.)

ellen b. said...

From where I stand 57 is fabulous!!
I'm glad he got his pie and he looks pretty pleased too. I know, I know about all those Christmas decorations already. I think retailers want people to start spending money already!!

Vanessa said...

I had to smile at this post, knowing full well that my Christmas decorations are all out.. well at least I will wait to decorate the tree!

And yes suspense and secrets are indeed fun!

Islandsparrow said...

Oh you're bad - you're getting just like Lovella- she loves to make us wonder!! :)

I love that colourful tree. Is it a maple?

We don't get Christmas decorations out here on the island until after Remembrance Day on Nov 11 - but I noticed that the Christmas candy is starting to fill up the shelves!

I'll be back to hear the news!

Islandsparrow said...

PS - Happy Bday wishes to Bernie. I'll let Roger know that 57 is good. He hits that milestone in Feb!