Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sometimes I just have to laugh...

I'm still without a working phone at work.
Still shopping for alternative office phone.

Liking this one this morning:

It just screams "Librarian!" doesn't it?

With all the floods in Iowa and Washington DC, wild fires in Russia and Canada, and a Mosque being built next to 9/11 ground zero with NYC Port Authority's blessing (while the nearby destroyed St. Nicholas church has hit so many Port Authority roadblocks that they finally gave up on re-building) I thought I should go out of my way to find some good news:

(Stop reading here if your funny bone is out of commission this morning.)

A brave soul has decided that the Muslims should "put up or shut up" about being so all about Peace and Getting Along.

His plan: To build a Gay Muslim bar next to the mosque.
(In case you missed this little detail: Quran/Shariah law demands that homosexuals be put to death.)

Which leads us to the next step in this process, a step that is challenging for all new business owners: What to name it?

Katie bar the comes the wags!

Mountin' (to) Mohammed
al Queerda
Muslim Sisterhood
Shiite Faced
Osama Bum Laden's
Holey War
Underwear Bombers
Rahm It In
Rahm Emanuel
Suspicious Packages
Flaming Mo's
Ba'ath House
Sodom Hussein's
Allah Wanna Do is Dance
Ground Queero
Florence of Arabia
Elton Jihad's
Fist Toward Mecca
Hairy Baghdad's
Saddam & Gomorrahs
Osama Bin Scrotum
No AhmadinnerJacket Required
Shia Real Man
Five Pillars of Lance
72 Virgin Margaritas
Queer Eye for the Suicide Guy
Psycho & Fabulous
The Ramadan-Rod
TGI Fatwah's

OK...I know...I should be offended by this.
This really isn't funny.
I know I shouldn't be laughing.
I just can't help it!

(Thanks to Ann C. for gathering these names from various sources...and there are possibly more to come: stay tuned!)


Vicki said...

Okay...I burst out laughing! I'm pretty certain they can hear me next door! I wish I had a printer...don't you think I'm currently in an appropriate place to post these suggestions around? Wouldn't that go over well? LOL!!

Marg said...

That's the problem...You don't have a phone and you are not answering as I go flying by....we zoomed down I80 from Wells to Salt Lake City, drove the largest salt desert I have ever seen in my! Then we took the I 15, down to Cedar City and looking forward to climbing around Bryce Canyon...
Anyways I am checking out the ski never know when I whiz by again. Get a PHONE!!!!