Wednesday, March 03, 2010

March Meanderings

My camera goes with me wherever I go, and wherever I go I take pictures.

Pictures of beautiful things, like the first pollen dusted blossoms of this year.

that were not here yesterday.

They are the first flowers to bloom in the flowerbeds next to work; more green bits are spearing up from the thick muddy soil.

I'll be enjoying someone else's gardening efforts for a change.

Swinging by for my mammogram, I see a die-hard fan at the doctor's office, still wearing his Canada hockey jersey the day after the big win.
That made me smile.
I had to take a picture to share it with my Canadian friends.

Next up: a stop at the library to pick up a book that's come in for me.

A sign informs me that the roof top garden in now open again.

Drat; I don't have time to linger over a book up there, I'm just on a lunch break from work.

But maybe I could just take a peek for a minute and see what is going on up there.

I'm not sure I could concentrate on reading anyway, with such a view to enjoy out there.

It is March 1st, and right on time the roof top daffodils are up and ready to show off during "their" special month.

The memories come back of counting daffodil blooms every morning in the garden with Jeff, back when he was still young, and knew that daffodils would be found blooming as the time drew near to his birthday.

First buds and blossoms always catch my eye.

There are 10,000 daffodils planted up in Red Butte garden.
I'll soon be visiting there too. It will be harder to see each flower in the midst of such a display.

I've noticed over the years that it is easy to remember the first daffodil bloom each spring, and then they just keep coming...

Back inside I see that the library has mounted a showing of Chinese brush paintings.
I admire this autumnal scene; snapping a picture will allow me to share it with Bernie later.

Outside the gallery is another display: A whimsical collection of chess sets!
Alice in Wonderland, and her cohorts do make for an amusing take on chess pieces.

Perhaps chess isn't to be taken as seriously as I had thought it should be.
Personally I think a Simpson chess set is going a bit too far....
I can totally agree with Dave Barry's chess experience!
Beatrix Potter chess set: That is Just.So.Wrong.

Leaving the library, I still need to get something for lunch. I'm zooming past the Bubble Tea Room, and suddenly I find that above all else I want to get myself a Bubble Tea.

I haven't had Bubble Tea since I was in Hawaii. That was... gosh... has been six years ago now? I really didn't like Bubble Tea all that much back then. Why should it appeal to me today?

I just dunno.

(Do you like bubble tea? Have you ever had bubble tea? What did you think about it?)

There's a place to park smack dab in front of the shop. I park, go inside and find myself eavesdropping on two 20something guys talking about an amazing woman that they knew who was 75 years old. Apparently she was on a cruise or trip or something and was much more energetic about going and doing things than they would have thought possible at her age.

It made me quite happy to hear their admiration of her. Yeah for older women who make younger men regard them with a new understanding of what older women can do!

I order a cherry blended bubble tea and hit the road. This time the drink does it for me; I'll be coming back for another "hit' of this tea real soon.

Time to get back to work. Outside the building rainbow colors surround the clouds that dapple the sky overhead.
I take another picture, just because.
Back at my desk I flip through a Spa magazine, scanning spa menus and treatments.
Calico cats are dear to my heart; this one naturally catches my eye.
I'm curious why she is so neatly positioned in this ad.
Are you laughing as hard as I did when I read the article and found out why?
How do people think of this stuff????
And no, Tiggie and Hart are NOT going to get dragged in for any of this.
Denver, oh yeah, it had to be Denver where this thing was going on.
You can always count on Denver to be weird!
This is how it was for me, for part of the day, the first day of March of this year.
Nothing really special or memorable, but with pictures and words, I've captured my meanderings, and now I've shared them with you.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I enjoyed riding along with you during your day! It was good to see the Library roof deck without a blanket of snow.

So...what IS bubble tea? Never heard of it.

Hmmmm, I never would have connected cats, Kalua and spas together like that! I can't believe the cats would have enjoyed their special treatments. Perhaps if she could have some of the cream for those skinny White Russians Miss Kitty might agree to a tail tip tint...nah! I don't think so.

Oh, and I like your new blog design...perfect for March! Love the touch of the Irish.

Vicki said...

Bubble tea? I have no idea what that is. Guess I'll have to google it. :)

Somehow, I don't think Spooky would go for the spa day. Her spa time consists of soaking up the sun while curled up on her fleece blankie.

The crocuses and daffodils are gorgeous! I miss seeing them; they don't do well in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Love the sitting area at your library. The view is so nice! Now a seat up there would offer a wonderful lunch break venue. Never heard of bubble tea. I'll keep my eyes open for it. Kathy (MGCC)

Heather L. said...

I would have loved to have seen your aunt at work making flowes -- especially since I now spend hours and hours making felt flowers to sell. I've just picked a bunch of sticks and am thinking of decorating them with paper leaves and flowers as seen in Martha Stewart this month. So many fun things to do....

myletterstoemily said...

that was a week's worth on most peoples'
blogs. you get more bang for your buck

the daffodils give me hope.

Anonymous said...

This is Cessa. You may pick me up and bring me to Denver any time you are ready. I will tell Laura to pack my bags.