Sunday, July 26, 2009

Having the Care of My Only Grand....

Jeff and Rachel headed up to the North and all the splendor of Vancouver etc., and left Bernie and me in charge of Grand care. "Grand" I mean my one and only Grandbaby...Meowsie.

Meowsie is sporting his summer fur style...usually he looks like an enormous dust bunny.

Lion tail, and poodle cuffs...

Hmmmm....nice swish to the tail.

Even his whiskers got trimmed.
Notice that his fur has waves?

Oh yeah...I do love my grandkitty!

(He is a total fan of Rachel, and we hear he prefers to sleep on the head of his new "Mom."

What a sweetie!

(Being his Grandmama is easy...he stays at his house, and every other day we go feed him and tidy the litter. Gotta say having a Grandkitty is easy.)


Marg said...

I was sacred for a moment....But you did reveal the truth...
I love taking care of my daughter's dog also. It's simple and easy and not too many questions.

Lovella ♥ said...

No diapers. . no bottles. .no food on the floor. .well maybe food on the floor. . .but lots of purrs. . just like hugs. . much the same. .
They are no doubt testing you for the real deal . .make sure you don't botch this up . .

Vicki said...

Perhaps I should have sent Spooky your way, too. She was apparently bored silly while we were gone...she's even hoarse from meowing her loneliness...or displeasure.

I must say, I do prefer the "grand" that I spent my weekend with...and I'm missing him terribly right now. (Yes, there have been tears...)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Moewsie has quite a hairdo these days! No doubt he's happy to be a bit cooler in the summer.

Julie said...

What an unusual 'grand' you have there!!!! smile.... He'll do until you get the 'real' thing !! (smile)

Oh Jill.. thanks for the clarification of damselfly vs. dragonfly. I stand corrected!

Willow said...

I am grandma to four cats, two in the midwest and two in San Diego. And honorary grandma to another one, a Devon Rex, in the Beach Cities. Definitely easier to care for than The New Boy.

Thanks for the info on LaJolla. We were there at high tide, huh? That explains it.

a woman who is said...

Thanks for stopping by Jill. Your comment about the skunks did give me perspective hehehe. Those poor folks.

I for one am thrilled about my new kitty. I love not going through the kitten stage. This is a very well behaved affectionate cat that will keep all the outdoor creatures away...I hope :) We are fast becoming friends.

Looks like your are enjoying quite the grand kitty yourself :)