Monday, April 06, 2009

Ugh-y bug-y Monday

As the skies are blue after a week of snow, and the trees are spritzed with green bits and a dab of pink flowers, I'm delighted to report that I managed to get the moving box level down in our house considerably, at least in the living room area. No more boxes to the ceiling!

I believe almost all the kitchen boxes have been unpacked, and it is quite apparent that putting my kitchen goods into a kitchen one third smaller than what I had before will require some thinking. Like what do I use regularly, occasionally, and basically never. I'm still perplexed over two regular cupcake pans, one mini pan, and one jumbo pan. Do I need all three of these options? I'm thinking the jumbo pan can go. The hot air pop corn popper? Gone.

We were astonished to find that we owned two entire shelves worth of teas. Now that we have an insta-hot water dispenser, where boiling hot water is always instantly available, we expect to greatly increase our tea sipping. But even if we were to brew up two cups a day, we would still be bogged down in tea boxes.

Solution: take duplicate boxes to work for the break room.

Friday I worked like a dog and got through about 20 boxes. Saturday it was rainy and snowy, so of course we had to run errands. We spent a couple of hours unpacking some more, then headed out around 11 am.

First stop was to an alterations shop, where my MOG dress suit will be shortened and a bit let out in the bust and tummy. I had bought the periwinkle crepe floor length skirted suit about eight years ago, joking that it would be my "emergency" mother of the bride or groom outfit.

I had worried about finding suitable floor length attire for an evening event, as most floor length items actually hit above the ankle on me. This one fit right in all the "length" areas, including the sleeves and jacket length. It was on clearance at Ross or Marshalls, I forget which one, and so I snapped it up and hung it away, knowing that I was "covered" for either an evening wedding or other formal event that required a non-ball gown option.

The long sleeved suit has a scalloped jacket hem, bound in matching periwinkle satin, and has a periwinkle/navy iridescent bead work design just below the fitted waist, just above the jacket hem.

I love how the scallop hem on the jacket looks from the back...and the fitted waistline gives the suit a curvy feminine flair. Periwinkle is a great color, and in this case, a perfect solution to the issue of finding something in a shade of blue. The wedding colors are fuchsia and navy, the MOB is wearing a mauve suit, so that left me trying to find a pastel version of navy.

The alterations lady assures me that she will make the suit fit me just right (a few pounds and post surgery tummy issues acquired since the suit was purchase had made the suit just a tiny bit tight...) The suit was in storage until just a week ago, so I couldn't count on it until I unpacked it.

So whew...I think I'll be OK for the wedding. Now to find some cute and comfy shoes...

We also shopped for glasses (they are now ordered, two pairs, one for computer work, one for regular, and hurrah, the regular pair will do the color change trick so I won't be squinting as I drive in bright sunlight anymore.) We got a light fixture for the shopped....and bang...Saturday was mostly done.

Sunday Bernie, Jeff and Rachel hit the powder, skiing in the sunshine, while I unpacked some more. By three I felt I was walking around in circles, and had a sore throat. The kitchen was already oveflowing with stuff, and more stuff was piled on tables, awaiting triage. Thank goodness the skiers returned and piled into the hot tub. I joined in too, then took a nap. Yup...I definitely am not feeling good...the sore throat was glowing away after I got up from the nap.

Five large boxes are now loaded into my car awaiting a donation trip to the thrift store. I'm at work, tired, and faced with two easy assignments, yet all I want to do is crawl back into bed.

Ugh, Monday and a cold coming on.

I guess I was long over due.

PS: North Korea's rocket launch and subsequent total lack of censure by NATO bodes poorly for all of us. The western region of North America is now being armed (I read) to the upsized threat of attack. Sadly, discussions are also occurring of a pre-emptive strike, one that I could almost agree with, except that it really sounds like the hounds of war are being primed as they so often are in time of economic crisis as a quick solution to the financial problem.

Obama's reference to the world's leadership as America as being "proud and arrogant" sounds vaguely familiar. Isn't that what the Islamic fanatics always say about us? If he really felt that way (and his wife has already referred to us as "mean") then why didn't he voice that during his campaign?

And why on earth was the man BOWING to an Arab leader????? In case you missed it, catch it on Youtube here. Just being polite you say? Um...he didn't bow to the Queen of England. Nor did the Saudi King bow in return. Well, at least we now know which world leader Obama feels he must honor, even above his own office as President.
And in MHO: That bow was pretty darn deep for just a polite greeting.


Dolores said...

I have not moved in thirty years and I really don't see us moving ever. Too much work to do and too much stuff to get rid of. I am getting rid of stuff slowly and so I would hate to hurry the process. I'm glad you found your MOG outfit in time. I just love periwinkle - and just about any shade of blue. Take care of the throat.

Lovella ♥ said...

Jill, that was a fantastic post. It covered everything I needed to know about you ..the dress. . the unpacking and yes. . even current affairs. I am amazed as well that Obama would bow. .we had just recently seen a documentary on the bowing ettiquette in regards to Asian countries. . and if that applies to Arab countries as well .. it doesn indeed not bode well .. at all.

I hope that throat feels better soon. . .

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Okay, time for you to stop working and get some rest so that sore throat goes away real soon! Drink lots of your tea...Lemon Zinger feels good on a sore throat...find a good book, or watch a movie, put your feet up, and rest.

As far as current events and world politics go - God help us all.

Judy said...

Just popped by to tell you I now know all about Texas wildflowers...and bluebonnets in abundance! I had no idea Texas was ever so everywhere and green vegetation.

So glad you have the perfect MOG dress...without the hastle of shopping. It sounds lovely!

Enjoy your new home...take a breather and rest that throat!

Vicki said... much news in one post!

I hope that you're taking really good care of yourself right now! This is not a good time for a cold...well, I know, there never is, but you've got so much going on right now!

I'm glad the boxes are disappearing and things are finding suitable places to go (even if it's not on your kitchen shelf)!

As for the dress - yay! I hope the seamstress works wonders for you!

As for Obama - you already know how I feel about that. I am closely watching the news about North Korea...and praying.