Monday, March 09, 2009

These are the (cat) people in our neighborhood...

So far Bernie and I have met the two cats next door: there is a grey striped tall cat and a black and white cat.
The cats saunter through the yard, down the side of the house and along the fence. Snow doesn't even phase them.
There is a brown mackerel tabby too that muscles his way through the snow out back.
When we see him and call, he splits immediately. I think he thought no one lives here.

The grey and the black ones are our neighbor Bob's cats.
Bob's cats seem very interested in us.

Hart thinks they are interesting too.
We can always tell when Bob's cats are passing by just by watching our cats react.

I think eventually they all might become very good friends.


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh so fun for Hart and Tiggie to have callers coming .. .Perhaps you will have to plant a wee bush of catnip at the corner of the yard where Bob's cats live.
Hopefully . . .they know that it is their yard that they dig in ..otherwise we'll have to have Tiggie and Hart rethink how friendly they want to get.
When we lived in the city we had a terrible problem with neighbor cats coming to dig in my flower beds. .so we went down to the family farm and found a suitable cat that we affectionately called "kitty ..kitty". He gained a rather embarrasing reputation for himself when the neighborhood cats across the street would look the wrong way at him .. .he was known to march straight across and give them a whooping. .. oh yah. .it was all good in the neighborhood until the raccoons came calling .. .and that was the last we saw of "kitty kitty".
the end.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least there's some entertainment for the boys. Have they attempted to venture outside yet?

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I bet Miss Kitty would know just what to do with all that snow, Norwegian Forest Cat that she is.