Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dreaming about Green Tea Ice Cream

We're still on the prowl for color schemes for the house. This article about a 1953 house had the above picture of a flagstone fireplace (LOVE that triangle shape!) and green tea ice cream colored walls.

I like green, and am going to give the color a try today. I think I can see it with a brown Ikea Karlstad loveseat, which could be slipcover changed out to a linen color in summer:

Then two Karlstad side chairs (probably brown or a print) in front of the picture window and a huge ottoman in the middle.(maybe green...)Not sure about lamps and end tables...oh well.

Another helpful resource has been the blog called Your Home and Color Coach. I had been trying to figure out what color the front door should be painted or stained, and posted a question on the site. The suggestion is a dark mahogany color to balance the yellow and coral stones with gray mortar and the red with pinkish mortar bricks. We'll be giving that a try too.

The funky news is that I work for 4 1/2 hours stripping the knotty pine paneling in the basement, and only got about 5 feet of the paneling done in that time. It is a royal mess and my hands and back clearly are not game for the other 20 feet or so of this.

It is possible that it was too cold inside for the non-toxic stripper to be effective (the label suggests using in at between 65-85 degrees, I was in the low 50's.) Since we will be moving into the basement in two weeks, I want new carpeting more than I want knotty pine, and know that stripping the stuff after we get new carpeting is a very bad idea. So I guess I will just prime the area I stripped and paint the whole room instead.

*Maybe* I can still strip the knotty pine in the little sunroom though. The paneling in that room had just a single thin layer of paint.
Anyone heading to SLC who has a yearning to paint feel free to grab a roller and join in!


Kathy said...

Hi Jill, Have you tried a heat gun on the knotty pine paint? Man, I've stripped a lot of paint. I've never tried, what water based stripper - always the really noxious stuff. Sometimes though I've had great luck with a paint gun and scraper.

Best of luck - and you keep havin' fun with your decor. OK?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I wish I could come out there and help! ;)

I really like green, too, and that green tea ice cream color is nice. Poor Doc isn't crazy about green (he's colorblind, and the various greens look either brownish or reddish to him), but he was a trooper when I bought all that green paint (various shades of course) for one of our previous homes!

Lovella ♥ said...

I love the green tea icecream color. . very nice. . .and the heat gun may do the trick. . .but really even that is still ton of work for all you need to do. . my vote is paint it.
All the best for today's decisions.

L&D said...

Me likes the couch choice very much. And the color...oooooh. LOVE IT! I was thrown by the post title initally, even wondering what the heck green tea icecream would taste like. I've never had I must go rummage up some and give it a whirl.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Brown and green....two of my faves. I love the idea of sofas and chairs that can be slipcovered to suit the seasons. Something I don't own, but am thinking about it!

Julie said...

Two weeks to moving day? Wow! that's coming up!
I say paint the panelling.. what's one more layer added to what's already there...even if you do at some point decide to strip it! smile
And your colors are very welcoming! I love them.

So keep us posted! We are all sitting back in our comfortable computer chairs watching the work progress.

Oh course if we DID live closer we WOULD all get up and lend a helping hand ! smile

Judy said...

I just popped by to see how the house was progressing...and I'm all in favour of the green tea icecream on the walls. And that furniture will be perfect in your style of home.

Forget about stripping...paint the pine!