Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Millinery: Avocado Inspirations

Hat making time!

(Or should I say "I needed a creative energy outlet, the heck with moving time!" ?)

You should know the drill by now. Take one straw hood (aka "cone")

Dunk or spray hood with water that has unflavored gelatin added to provide sizing.

And in this case, since the hood was an antique gold color, I'm added some tropical blue dye as well.

I'm aiming for an avocado hue.

(Bernie on the other hand is going for the blanched white in horror hue when he realizes that I have a pot of dye on our stove top...this after being scrupulously careful to not get anything in the kitchen stained or dirty. It was fine, I knew what I was doing. Sorta. Anyway, no dye impacted the pristine counter top. Whew.)

I like it! Not too dark, not too light.

Next step: Start putting semi random tucks into the hood, holding them in place with clip style clothes pins until the straw dries.

The more pinches and folds the merrier!

After the straw has dried, I removed the clothes pins, and gently tugged the hat over a rather basic hat block, just enough to make a head space. I used tacks to hold the hat in place, spraying it with a gentle water mist, and then letting it dry again.

Try on the hat. isn't quite there yet.

I put the hat on Jane, (who has taken up pouting because I have used her so little of late...)

I think the creases need to be softened, and the crown deepened.

Better. Front view...

Side one

Side two.

I'm not completely convinced this is the right front and back. I keep trying different spins and tilts.

The back is great though.
I like how the top of the crown (the tip) looks from the back.

The more tilt, the more attitude.
Funny how even the inanimate model seems to change expressions with the each change of the hat tilt.
The brim is taking on personality and doing what I call a "potato chip"; it will never lay totally flat unless it is cut into an oval shape instead of a circle. The wearer will choose where to have the dip and where to have the lift.

I sew in a small bead as a marker from which one can remember how the hat was put on the head. Right now I'm calling the bead "the back". But the next time it is worn, the bead may be at the side, or even in front!

It is tempting to tug it further down on my head.

But since this hat has not been made for me to wear, I will let it's owner decide what is the right amount of tug needed, and will put her own shapings to make the hat look uniquely right on her.

Can you guess who that will be?

Hint #1: Tiggie and her kitty correspond regularly.
Hint #2: She has a tree in her back yard that grows the most delicious avocados.
Hint #3: She and Bernie went to college together.
Hint #4: She is creating a custom hat pin for the hat from her own bead collection.

Give up?

Go to this link to see who is Birthmonth rocking in the hat!


Marie Christopher said...

There you go again!!! Another lovely Jill Creation. And I love the color. Lucky girl, whoever she is - who gets this one.

Anonymous said...

So easy...I'm guessing Sara!

You make hat-making look so easy! I like the one...I love the color, too.

So, while you're "playing," are the movers packing up your life, or does that come later?

Cristina de Prada - milliner said...

Wow! You nailed the color, you did. I've never done any dyeing but it sure looks like fun and I will have to try it soon.
The clothespin system works wonders, and i take note of that too! I love the way the hat looks tilted dangerously on the front, you should take a picture of yourself wearing it like that.
Good to see you making hats again!

Lovella ♥ said...

Jill, the color of the hat is wonderful. . I am so delighted you could use your busy feeling moving creativeness to gift someone so lovely with one of your creations. . .the hat looks so good on you. . .and of course on the recipient. . I am amazed that the mail service is so so so quick.

a woman who is said...

I followed you here from Sara's. I am so glad you posted about the whole project. It was fascinating to see the whole creative process unfold. The hat looks so great on Sara. She is such a stately looking woman who can really pull this hat off. Some women are just made to wear hats. I think Sara is one of them, and so are you. Wonderful work, I will have to check back here and see more of your creations.

Judy said...

Wow...and that's all there is to it? Never mind...I'll leave the hat creating to you do a fabulous job! And you also picked the perfect model for your latest creation.

Wishing you all the best in your big move...and I'll be back to check up on you.