Saturday, May 03, 2008

Millinery: Virtual Kentucky Derby Day hat party begins!

Kate Pernia posted her KDD hat already:

And as bonus material, she added this link to a famous designer's spring collection video, featuring hats, hats and more hats. Yeah RL!

I've noticed that there was a KDD hat swap going on in blogdom yesterday. I'd post a link, but since they were all "fanciful" creations made of cardboard and whatnot, more for decoration than actual wearing, I'll leave it to you to search out if you wish. Poor girls, all that work, when they could have been making a real hat instead.

LauraRN is under the weather today, but she posted a hat picture as well...un-traditional KDD as it may be.

Mimi headed to the derby while Mad Hatter Wanna Be Cristina was out of town. She wore a great hat, and a super flirtation smile. I think we are going to have to keep an eye on Mimi; while she is technically supposed to just make herself available to model Cristina's millinery creations, I have a feeling Mimi has a colorful life planned out and will be willing to share her hatted adventures.

Maureen at Tea and Friendship posed with not only a derby hat but her silver mint julep cup as well. (It is all about accessorizing, isn't it?)

By the by...for you out there who are serious about you hatmaking (you know who you are...):

Derby Hat Contest
(May 4, 2008-May 30, 2008)
Each year, the Kentucky Derby Museum invites participants from around the world to enter their beautiful and unique Derby hats in our annual contest. A panel of judges and guests then rates the hats, with the top twenty to thirty being selected for the 2008 Kentucky Derby Museum’s Derby Hat Exhibit. We are in search of all types of hats, designer and novelty in either men or ladies’ styles. Each winner will receive a certificate of participation in the exhibit along with passes to visit the exhibit during the year.
Would you like to be a part of this exhibit showcasing one of the most celebrated and exciting Derby traditions? All hat styles are needed and creativity is encouraged.

Entries for the Hat Contest will be accepted from Sunday, May 4th until Friday, May 30th. Hats must be delivered (personally or via mail) to the Kentucky Derby Museum between the hours of 8am-5pm Monday through Saturday and 11 to 5pm Sunday. All entries must arrive in a normal shipping box or hatbox and should be accompanied by a completed entry form. Check the website closer to May for printable entry forms.

The form can be downloaded from this link.

Min wore a turban for the VKDD!

The hats worn to the Houston Hat Net KDD party:

(See? Another turban. Turbans are cool!)

Loved that soft chiffon turban.

A Kate Pernia design...

Loved this colorful brimmed beauty!

Special guest appearance: Sue's newest hippo car. Her purple hippo car has been a regular attendee of Houston Hat Net events; she has now added a red version to her hippo car collection.

This one has upgrades: It whistles, winks both eyes, and I think the ears flap too.


Sue told me the name of her new red hippo, but I can't remember it now. Drat.
She also said people have been very puzzled by this hippocar.
"Hippos aren't red" she has been getting told.
Like they were ever PURPLE either, like her other car???
More pictures as they become available...


Jane Carlstrom said...

HI Jill, Hope your day out was wonderful. Fun to see Kate's hat and link. We had high winds here and power outage so was not able to participate in the event. Hope others were able to get it together and join in your Derby Day hat party.

Maureen said...

Check out my blog for your virtual KKD hat.