Tuesday, March 11, 2008


There is a posting project among a group of unrelated bloggers today.
The project is to post pictures on your blog that you have taken of interesting doors.

The project was first brought to my attention by a blogger who posts from Marrakesh.
You can see her door entries by clicking HERE
All the bloggers who agreed to participate are posting pictures that they have taken of doors.
Without further ado, here are my pictures of doors taken in several countries.

Blue door surrounded by bloom star jasmine. May 2007, Milan Italy.

Not technically a door, but a doorway now in a museum. May 2007 Milan Italy.

Church door photographed in Murren Switzerland. May 2007

Early 20th century cottage in Clayburn, British Columbia Canada. Photographed August 2007.

My own front door. Kingwood, Texas, USA.
November 2007

Inside view of my front door.
Kingwood Texas, USA.
Photographed Jan. 1, 2008

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Photographed December 2007
French Creole structure, built in early 1700's. Photographed in Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA.
Photographed Feb. 2008.
Church door, depicting Biblical stories and heroes, cast around 1980.
Photographed in Zurich, Switzerland.
June 2007.
Bonus material:
Another door challenge, as viewed by a non-human species.
Not everyone enjoys doors.
Click HERE to see a quick video.
To find links to other bloggers who are participating in this project, click HERE and and HERE to follow the posted links.
Following the links will provide you with an arm chair tour of doors around the globe.
Thanks to Frank and Elizabeth and all the others who worked to make this this project happen!


Darla said...

Love your doors. Your door to your Texas home is so similar to our Mt. Home door. I don't think I have a close up photo of out to check right now.

I did come across a couple of the other "door bloggers" already and now I'm off to see the rest.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

You've got a great collection of doors here! And I love it that you included the inside of your front door with the light shining through...that's always my favorite part about doors with glass...the light!

Leslie said...

Beautiful doors Jill!
(And I have two dogs with the same reaction to a closed door as Tigg. In fact, I am sitting here with the door open to appease them, and it's on 40-something outside!)

PhantomMinuet said...

Those are great photos. I love pictures of doors. There is a New Mexico artist whose work I really like, and she always used images of women standing in doors or by windows as a symbol of transition.

I wish I could remember her name. :-\